Netzkraft Movement

Addis Hiwot Kinderhilfe e.V.

Baluschekweg 43 A
13591 Berlin

Contact person: Mesfin Amare

+49 (0)30 301 42 54


  • Aid organization
  • Aid for developing countries

About us

The association “Addis-Hiwot Kinderhilfe e.V.” (Addis-Hiwot Children’s Aid) was founded on the 9th of April 2005 through the initiative of 7 members of the Ethiopian Evangelical Free Church Congregation in Berlin and is recognized as a non-profit, charitable organization. The activities in Ethiopia are managed through a partner association “Addishiwot” in Addis Ababa.

Our goals:

Addis-Hiwot Kinderhilfe wants to help destitute orphans in Ethiopia and the families which look after them. We can also extend this assistance to neighbouring countries insofar as our finances allow that.

Our activities cover, in particular, the following areas:

• supply of sufficient clothing and food,
• medical care,
• financial support of needy families which take look after orphans,
• Assistance with education and professional training.
• Micro loans

In the last three years, we supported 12 families, a total of 34 children and adolescents in Arada, a city district in the northern part of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Beginning in September 2010, we will support 15 other families with 29 children in Lafto district of Addis Ababa in the south. They will be part of our project for the next three years time.

Our services include:

• food rations,
• money for them to use themselves,
• school supplies,
• school uniforms,
• tutoring after school,
• savings accounts with €1.50 per month/child (for the child’s needs later on)

Mesfin Amare is a founding member and chairman of the association
“Addis Hiwot Kinderhilfe e.V.“.

For other net participants we can give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.