Netzkraft Movement

ARiC Berlin e.V.

Antirassistisch-Interkulturelles Informationszentrum

Husstr. 65
12489 Berlin

Contact person: Simone Wiegratz

+49 (30) 308 799-0
+49 (30) 308 799-12


  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Human rights
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The non-profit making organisation ARiC Berlin was founded in September 1993.

he objectives of the society are:

• to promote international understanding in terms of peaceful, non-violent co-existence with equal rights for all citizens, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or cultural background.
• to support efforts to reduce racist, xenophobic and discriminatory attitudes and behaviour towards immigrants, refugees and other members of ethnic or cultural minorities. .
• to support teaching the great majority of the population about racism, xenophobia and discrimination and to explain possible ways of overcoming them.

These objectives are mainly met by active participation in documentation, information, advisory and educational work in the field of anti-racism and intercultural understanding, and by networking projects carried out in this area.

Main activities:

• The creation of ARiCbase, an information database with approx. 52,500 data records, which are backed by the publicly accessible records in the RAA media centre – an address database with about 3,000 records of local and national initiatives and facilities in the field of anti-racial and intercultural affairs.
• Informational talks / workshops for school groups, seminar participants etc.
• The organisation of the Berlin Days of Intercultural Dialogue, which have taken place annually since 2003.
• The development of international contact and cooperation, within the framework of European anti-racial networks.

On request I/we can offer other net participants an informational consultation and up-to-date information and contacts in the area of anti-racism, anti-discrimination, intercultural work and migration.