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Über uns

GAP is a network of organizations working for a common goal:

empowering people to live and work increasingly sustainably.

Each member organization is an independent entity with full responsibility for designing and delivering appropriate programs, and for its own funding and financial management.

GAP International

- supports exchange of experience, including workshops and other events
- analyses, synthesizes, and acts as a repository for the growing body of knowledge concerning empowerment

Programs and services:

Household EcoTeam program: The ´original´ GAP program, tested and improved in 20 countries since 1990, produces measurable behaviour change within a matter of weeks. EcoTeams help households to reduce their impact on the environment and to save money. Typical measured reductions from numerous countries are for instance: solid waste 40%, energy 12%, water 20%.

These effects do not tail off, but continue and even increase over time.

GAP´s carbon-neutral and sustainable development programs are based on individual and group empowerment. They are delivered to

- households and communities
- schools
- business and other work places

GAP International offers expertise in behaviour change for sustainable development. Services range from on-line calculators (ecological footprint, carbon footprint) to consultancy regarding policy and strategy tools.

A key success factor in behaviour-change programs is the leadership. GAP International offers leadership development opportunities with special focus on sustainable development and empowerment.

Marilyn Mehlmann is the General Secretary of the network.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the following field: Education and action for sustainable development. Other supporting possibilities: Training and advice on design of behaviour-change programs (empowerment). Training and coaching in empowering leadership.