CO.PA.M. (Cooperazione Padania-Mondo)

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Über uns

CO.PA.M. (Cooperazione Padania-Mondo) is a non-profit organization active in the areas of sanitation and agricultural cooperation with developing countries.

CO.PA.M.'s policy is based on the belief that every man, woman and child should have a healthy and comfortable place to work and live in that is dignified and secure.

CO.PA.M. seeks to reduce human poverty regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.

Since its' founding in Rome, in July 1998, the number of CO.PA.M. representatives across Italy and the interest in the organization and its activities has increased notably.

In April 2000 in Somalia, CO.PA.M. launched a successful "Land for Life" agricultural project which could be applied to people who have immigrated or returned from exile and have to be resettled. Under this program, farmers and their families are able to rent parcels of land purchased by CO.PA.M. In addition, they receive seeds, equipment, food for one year and enough money to build a small house. In exchange, the family must adopt an orphaned child.

In Africa we have been working in Somaliland, Kenya, Eritrea. In the Balcans we operated in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo. In the ex URSS countries we helped people after Beslan terroristic event and we gave 20.000 € to two young girls of North Ossezia. In the Sahara desert we helped people Saharawi.

After the tsunami in East Asia, we have rebuilt a school in a village of Sri Lanka.

At present we plan to help Indian missionaries, the Bon Secrious Christ Convent in Dalmiapuram to establish a primary school for 120 poor rural, orphan and disabled children. We do believe that education is the main help we can give to poor people. That is what we have done in Eritrea where we organized professional schools for 100 young boys and girls at Keren, to teach them artisanal works .

There are many ways to help CO.PA.M. undertaking cooperation programs in developing countries, whether through product donations, financial support provided by private supporters and public organizations, and also in mobilizing people as CO.PA.M. volunteers as well as organizing sponsoring assemblies.

Pier Lorenzo De Medici is the Director of the organization.

For other net participants we can establish new contacts in the field of medical assistance and agriculture.