Service d'Animation Rurale - SAR

Rue Danané, BP 20
8 Abidjan

Ansprechpartner: Gombleu Kouadi Claude-Médard

+225 07 06 33 79


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Über uns

Since 1983, the "Service d'Animation Rurale (SAR)" of the Association of the Protestant Churches, Services and Work of the Ivory Coast, has been established in the region of Danané by a couple of missionaries who came from the Swiss mission. With the support of voluntary organizers and the participation of the Church this couple committed itself during several actions in the field of agriculture, breeding, health of the families in the villages. Moreover, a centre which was meant to serve for demonstration purposes and to receive the trainees was established in the village of Gbouagleu at a distance of approximately 8 km from the city of Danané. This centre was called: 'Slë =plëë' =plöö, which means in local language: At the place where various techniques take place.

The goal with which SAR was entrusted is: To make a contribution to improve the technical level in the field of agriculture and raising of the rural population, to make a contribution to improve the level of the farmers' organization, to make a contribution to improve the level of the health of the populations, to increase the income of farmers who are working on a profitable basis, to make a contribution to protect the environment in the rural area.

After the missionaries had left, the Church took over and proceeded to a structural reorganization. For the structural administration, the Church established a management committee which consisted of seven members. A general coordinator has been entrusted with the daily structural management. SAR has two sub-services at its disposal: An education centre for breeding techniques and agriculture for the trainees who stay only a short period of time, i.e. from one week to one month, and trainees who stay for a major period of time. An organization service for the groups whose task it is to encourage the creation of village groups and to support them by advice, education and further training.

As per agreement, we can give expert advice to other net participants, give a lecture, procure expert information on the following subjects: rural development, development of the community, training of the farmers, politics, education projects. Other possibilities of support: we can receive trainees for training in rural development.