Sooryayog Foundation

44/1297 Perandoor Road,
682017 Kaloor, Kochi

Ansprechpartner: Mr.Mohanji



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Über uns

Sooryayog Foundation is a non profit NGO working to improve the health of the society by Sooryayog.

Our Mission:
Promote environmental causes, working for welfare of women, planting trees. Promotion of mental, physical and spiritual well being. To help understand the importance of Sun in their day to day lives. How it can be used for healing many ailments free of cost. Also we teach about right diet, yoga, breathing techniques, organising health camps.

Sooryayog is an ancient yet advanced Sun meditation technique, philosophy, and way of life. It is the meditation for the new generation! It balances, cleanses, purifies, and energizes the body and the mind. Sooryayog cures many diseases by using Sun´s curative energy. It really is a simple process which anyone can learn and benefit from.

The technique was revealed by the Masters to Sri Soorya Jowel (Sooryaji), during his meditative years in the Himalayas. Having realized the immense potential and benefit of Sooryayog, Sooryaji decided to teach this technique to all people of the world. Sooryayog crosses all boundaries of religion and nationality. Anyone, anywhere, can benefit from practicing this technique to draw the curative powers from the Sun. From the Himalayas Sooryaji went to Mumbai and started the Sooryayog Foundation in 2003 and the Kochi branch on LFC Road in 2005. And now there are centres all over India.

"Nature is highly balanced and blissful. Come back to nature and follow your geo rhythm; that is Sooryayog, a technique for all religions. I´s a science based on inner light. Sooryayog is for physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. The technique is simple: eat light, drink light. All you have to do is follow the rules of Mother Nature. If you are peaceful, you will smile and you will be able to love others".
Sooryayog is a sun loving technique, philosophy. It helps in overall improvement in health of the individual and society. Its been taught freely throughout the world, so as to tide over this period of darkness this world has plunged itself into.
The sooryayog shall exist solely for charitable and philanthropic purposes and
not for purposes of making profit.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. We can arrange for overnight accomodations for one or more participants in our ashrama at kaloor with Boarding and lodging.