Caucasus Media Investigations Center (CMIC)

89 Chingiz Mustafayev St. Apt 2.
AZ1009 Baku

Ansprechpartner: Anar Orujov

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  • Menschenrechte
  • Friedenspolitik
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Über uns

Caucasus Media Investigations Center (CMIC) is a non profit organization and was founded in Azerbaijan on May, 2005 to help the development of media, to serve for proficiency of journalists, to support in-depth media investigations, to support media freedom in Azerbaijan and in the whole world, to make contribution to achieve development of using new online media tools, to support active citizenship, civic society, to contribute for building democratic society, increased government accountability and transparency, to develop citizen journalism and to strengthen role of new media in Southern Caucasus countries.

CMIC's mission are:
• to support development of civic society and media in Azerbaijan,
• to protect human rights, freedom of expression and media rights.

CMIC's goals are:
• To achieve strengthening of cooperation between journalists and NGOs from Azerbaijan and other countries;
• To organize trainings for journalists, to create investigation opportunities for them, to provide them with library and internet resources;
• To support using new media tools;
• Promoting E-Democracy tools in society;
• Protection of basic constitutional rights of citizens;
• Protection of world recognized human rights and freedoms such as freedom of expression and media;
• Legally protection of journalists;
• Support of the process of building civil society and democracy;
• To struggle for transparency and accountability of the governments;
• To support citizen journalism efforts;
• To teach citizens to use the internet most efficiently to improve lives;
• Freedom of expression and easy access to media;
• To achieve easy access to information;

Caucasus Media Investigations Center:
• Organizes different courses and seminars, round tables and meetings, exhibitions, conferences, charitable marathons and other ceremonies;
• Implements projects by support of local and international donor organizations or by it's own means;
• Spreads the information about its objectives and activities freely, institutes press publications according to legislation;
• Joins the events not contradictory to its objectives and interests organized by organizations abroad for implementing the duties according to Regulations of organization.

Anar Orujov is the Executive Director of the Caucasus Media Investigations Center.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.