Umcebo Trust

P.O.Box 10073, Marine Parade
4056 Durban

Ansprechpartner: Robin Opperman

+27 (083) 7933408


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Über uns

Umcebo is a business orientated public benefit non-profit organisation, registered in 2003, firmly focussed on being a trend setter and market leader in the fields of South African art, craft and design. We use creativity as a commercially viable means of empowering marginalised community members, in an inclusive environment. In this way we create opportunities, overcome barriers and generate sustainable income for crafters and their families. Umcebo believes that personal empowerment and improved self-awareness is brought about through art, craft, creativity, exposure to business, learning and teaching.

We believe that helping people develop, create and earn money inevitably benefits us all by building a society based on mutual respect and positive activity, and not poverty and despair.

Our vision:
• To assist our crafters, predominantly from impoverished and disadvantaged communities, in generating a reliable income. The emphasis is on unique work that is marketable, highly creative and challenges public perceptions. There is a focus on one-off commissions and short runs of high end décor products.
• To offer training for educators & exposure for students who have limited access to resources, thereby assisting them in being more effective in facilitating and growing community and school arts and crafts projects.
• To place a major emphasis on recycling materials in creative and unique ways. These “scrap” materials are combined in unique and artistic interpretations into artworks and craft; the end result being a complete transformation of potentially environmentally destructive and unwanted materials, into works that can be sold.
• To work with a broad cross section of the population in an inclusive manner, and to look at encouraging a climate of optimism, self-respect and industrious creativity.

Our projects:
• Creating unique art works and functional craft items using a combination of recycled waste and other materials;
• Training in craft production & related skills;
• Retailing our works and those of other talented crafters through our outlet at Ushaka;
• Participation in various publicity and awareness-generating events around craft and the creative sector;
• Partnering with organisations that share a similar vision;
• Offering an integrated shopping/ workshop environment, where the public can purchase locally made crafts and interact with the crafters who produce the work.
• World Record Eco-Tree (Crafted from Recycled Materials)

Robin Opperman is the Director of the Umcebo Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.