School for Life Coaching & Counselling

Obere Viaduktgasse 24/1
1030 Wien

Ansprechpartner: Andrea Scheutz

+43 699 1945 26 24


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Über uns

scatach is a school which trains life coaches and counsellors with a focus on working with nature and rituals.

The alumni of our school are qualified to offer professional counselling in problematic situations and situations where clients have to make decisions. They can contribute to alleviating such difficult situations, to change them and help find solutions.

According to the client’s wishes nature and rituals can be integrated in to a greater or lesser extent. We work with the powers of nature, of our body and with the knowledge of healing that each of us has inside.

The basis of our training are two years of intense self-awareness. During the third and fourth year of the training, methods and techniques are taught. These methods and techniques are, amongst others, psychological models of conversation according to the client-centred approach, meditation guidance and relaxation techniques, health-enhancing rituals, holistic spiritual shaping of identity, constellation work and counselling models and processes.

Apart from this the school offers space for practice and implementation of the methodology imparted. Great emphasis is put on reflection and self-reflection.

The training course is held in small groups of max. 10 participants and lasts for 8 semesters. The courses are held in the evenings and at the week-ends.

The training can be completed while working full-time. It is certified by the Chamber of Commerce of Vienna. Upon completion participants receive a diploma.

For other net participants we can offer overnight accomodations and give a lecture in the field of Work with Nature and Rituals / Effective Microorganisms.

Tree journay to Scotland.