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Almawrid Teacher Development Center

POBOX 523, Main Street, Arizona Building
Ramallah West Bank
Palestinian Authority

Contact person: Ismail Njoum



  • Educational policy/project
  • Environmental project
  • Human rights
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Almawrid Teacher Development Center, established in 1992, is a private, independent non-profit making organization that aims to improve the quality of education, to promote the professional development of Palestinian teachers. Almawrid implements projects, initiatives and educational activities that aim at educating and raising the awareness of the Palestinian youth of its rights and duties to participate actively in shaping their future.

• Development of teacher awareness of and commitment to the important aims of education in Palestinian community, specifically, those related to human rights, democracy, environmental and cultural heritage, critical thinking, decision-making, social responsibility, and mutual respect.
• Exchange of knowledge and experience and the improvement of communication and interactions among school teachers.
• Development of teachers, subject – matter, knowledge and beliefs.
• Development of teaching materials that supplement or enrich the curricula including books and journals, booklets, laboratory guides and equipment, audio – visual material and computers with relevant software. Making these available to teachers at large.
• Encouragement and facilitation of cooperative research projects that confirm important problems in the school education sector.

• Developing and conducting long-term educational innovation projects through its working educational change units.
• Managing and coordinating; school to school correspondence and youth exchange activities.
• Holding meetings, workshops, training courses, conferences and lectures for school teachers.
• Producing educational materials including teacher and laboratory guides, laboratory equipment, audio – visual material and educational software.
• Publishing a newsletter and center notes to announce scheduled activities, ongoing project and new resources available at the Center. The newsletter also includes short reports about successful activities at the Center.
• Offering short in service educational programs to meet the needs of specific groups of teachers.
• Organizing exhibitions, fairs and other activities directed primarily to students.
• Publishing a journal that is directed primarily to local teachers, contributions to the journal will be in the forms of research reports, position papers, book review and translations. The journal will attempt to facilitate the exchange and experience among local school teachers.

Training Courses:
• Environmental Educational & Awareness
• Civic Education (Democracy and Human Right)
• Cultural Heritage
• Research Unit
• School Culture’s Change Unit
• General Trainings (School Subject Matters)

Ismail Njoum is the Contact person of the Almawrid Teacher Development Center.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff.