Netzkraft Movement

What does the net offer and what does the Institute do in Xanten?

The Netzkraft Movement is an international network of socially committed individuals and groups working in various ecological, social, political or spiritual areas. Their aim is to support each other and, through this mutual help, to increase their influence on society. The network enables you to introduce yourself and your work to other socially or politically active people. Being prepared to help each other in this way also creates a feeling of solidarity and togetherness among individuals and groups working in various fields. They personally, and their work too, can benefit from the various skills and experience of other net participants.

The network is decentralized and autonomous: i.e. it comes from the individual participants. To support it, the Institute of Systemic Research in Xanten provides the following long-term services free of charge:

That is were the activities of the Institute end. Even in the future the Institute will offer networking as a service without trying to recruit members, to make political statements, to strive for a role as a spokesperson or to pursue any other interests. The expenses of the Netzkraft Movement are covered by training programmes in systemic psychotherapy which the Institute offers for therapists in the Rhineland.

Gain energy by uniting forces

The network consists exclusively of already active persons who act as "multiplicators". They are experts in their fields and usually have corresponding connections. Their expert knowledge and experience are a special strength from which energy can be gained: through a network of connections. This leads to a division of work, in which committed people and groups from different working areas complement and support each other. Through the network, these committed people can help each other in a way similar to the informal network of relationships in politics or in the world of work where 'connections' and 'short official channels' determine success and where power and individual opportunities are combined to mutal advantage.

Personal contact is what counts

Agreement on the content of common objectives is not enough to achieve this. Personal contacts are essential! When people meet each other - or indeed when they communicate regularly via the internet - something can 'click' between them so that they are prepared, to stay in contact with each other. At best, confidence may develop as a basis for cooperation. Such a networking process can grow without any great organised event - through individual contacts between single persons or groups. Having a good time together, meeting interesting people and developing mutual respect are just as important as the exchange of information or mutual assistance.