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Prime Educational and Social Trust (Prime Trust)


The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. The new corona virus has taken thousands of lives and spread to nearly every country in the world. India having huge population is on the threat now and compelled to safeguard its people.

Prime Trust headquartered in Puducherry, India is trying to find our resources to help p ...

Indu Sah Foundation (ISF)


Donate to Indu Sah Foundation to help the underserved community for Covid 19 disaster relief fund. Chip in your contribution to the link below.
Thank you!

Mmanze Centre for Rural Development and Training (MACERUDET)


Mmanze Centre For Rural Development And Training is a Community based organization that was established way back in 1987 by the community members to contribute towards the rehabilitation,reconstruction and the development of our area through implementing sustainable community based development programs and activities.The organization does not have established paid staff but utilizes the services ...

Cancer Support Foundation (CSF)


Cancer Support Foundation (CSF) is mandated to raise awareness on common cancers, their prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment in Uganda.

To provide patient support services based on patient’s and family needs such as food, transport, treatment, medical tests and other support for cancer patients and their families undergoing treatment in Kampala.

To set up a patient hostel-providi ...

Guardian Angel Foundation Uganda


We are currently running a campaign to create awareness on COVID-19 in the slums around mama pals.
We also hope to resume our soap workshops after the campaign so we would like to invite any kind of support for these activities.

Youth Changers Kenya (YCK)


Support a girl to attend a sexual health forum.

Pay pal:

Itura Initiative


Itura Initiative, literally meaning giving-back is a charity development-oriented organization, founded on humanitarian grounds to encourage people of the world to give back to their communities, for mutual benefits. Starting from the immediate neighborhood, when you open your eyes, you will see the gap to fill. When you pay attention, you may hear the cry for help. A child is dropping out of scho ...

GloAid Change Makers Foundation (GCMF)


GloAid Change Makers Foundation will be having its maiden edition of the School Aid Program, this May 2020.
The team will have a talk with some basic schools in the rural communities and climax the program with donations of stationeries or school materials to the less privileged.

We are inviting all donors and supporters to assist GloAid in realizing this dream.

Together, Let us make a dif ...

Heritage Charity Foundation (HCF)


The problem: In rural areas of Ghana pregnant women and children in particular are still recovering from the impact of the economic hardship and its legacy of poverty and hunger. In particular vulnerable and marginalised pregnant women and children have few opportunities to access appropriate support services. This limits their ability to recover from the trauma of the hunger they have survived. W ...

Strong Tower Global Mission (STGM)


Kingdom Advancing University is a division of Strong Tower Global Mission's Development and Education Program, an International Tuition Free Online Christian University based in Pretoria, South Africa. We equip and empower pastors and other Christian leaders to reproduce other leaders who will impact their communities and culture.

“And the things you have heard from me…these entrust to ...



Providing locals with the assistance and education that they need in order to stop food waste for the growth of their families.
Beautify the town by using plastic waste, inspire the community with your own ideas and teach locals about the environment and how to live sustainably
Uplift the the locals with amazing workshops: art, sports, cooking, planting and sustainability workshops ...

Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE)


Dear all,

Warmly greetings from Cowoce Organization based in Tanzania. Our Organization looking for friends, volunteers, and donors to support our work in Tanzania.
I use this opportunity chance to ask you if you have any advice regarding our work, Or if you want or you know anyone who looking for a volunteer opportunity please send it to us.

Cowoce invites all the donors from the world to ...

Nomadic Pastoral and Relief Foundation (NoPReF)


Dear friends,
It doesn't get more urgent than this.
Let us think of the Pastoral marginalized mother who has a child on the verge of dying from malnutrition....

For her, the only way to have a happy new day is with a healthy child. We can save lives—we can help whole communities—but we can't do it without your support.

No child should die from Unsafe water from unprotected water source ...

Voices for Biodiversity


Our mission is to build a diverse story-sharing community to save biodiversity.

Our vision is a world where humanity and nature coexist in healthy ecological balance.

We find storytellers from around the world, gather their stories about biodiversity, and then amplify their voices by publishing the stories on our website. We also connect our storytellers ...

Center for Religious Cooperation and Tolerance (CRCT)



The Centre For Religious Cooperation and Tolerance (A Non-Governmental and Not-For-Profit) organization is committed to the cause of humanity through promotion of reli ...

Deepam Trust


Dear philanthropists,

We launch a crowdfunding website.

We seek help in the educational development of deprived rural children and reduce dropout rates.

Kindly extend your helping hand.

Please visit the following link:

Creative Nepal


We are working to give more emphasize to those youths who are deprived from getting education. Mostly who are orphans, abandoned, and marginalized group of Nepal. We are more focused in skilled based education. We are open to collaborate with any association that holds common objectives. We can make big difference in life of those needy youths and children if we are united.



In the past we trained 66 Ghanian students and 25 teachers to become beekeepers. They were from schools in Ada Foah and Pediatorkope in the region Greater Accra. Two of us had experience as beekeeper and we had also 2 trainers, who were local beekeepers, because the behavior of the European bees are not the same as the African bees. We did theoretical and practical trainings.

For Ghana we bough ...