Larger Than I Developmental Foundation (LTIDF)


Still on World Down
THEME: With us NOT for us
The message of With Us Not For Us is key to a human rights-based approach to disability.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities calls for everyone to have the freedom to make their own choices.
But people with Down syndrome often have poor or controlling support. Often their supporter ...

Paso Pacifico


Over the past four months, donors like you gave support that helped biologists study neotropical migratory birds at our MoSI bird-banding stations in western Nicaragua. Birds were temporarily captured in nets, their species and age were determined, and leg bands were applied. In the future, other birders can re-sight the banded bird (already, we have recaptured the same ovenbird 4 years in a row!) ...

Moonflower Autism Foundation


Moonflower Autism Foundation

(An initiative of a dedicated group of parents of individuals with autism)

Inception of Moonflower Autism Foundation:

Moonflower Autism Foundation was formed by a group of parents of individuals with autism and professionals on 23 December, 2022.

The founders of Moonflower Autism Foundation also founded Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children (SWAC) an ...

Hope Fellowship Evangelical Ministries


Emergency Appeal
We want to provide food, clothes, beds and blankets, pots, huts, and livestock for the flood victims.

Yearly Appeal
New class sessions will start in March 2023, and we want to give each student free books, uniforms, and food.

Angels Of Hope Charity Group


The Angels of Hope Charity Group's Christmas Comes Early Party for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children preparations are on,the party is held every 24th December annually,the aim of the party is to show love and care to the kids who most likely enjoy a balanced diet meal once in a while,we appeal for well wishers to help us make it a memorable day, kindly visit our Facebook page for more information, ...