Netzkraft Movement


Enlight Abilities Organisation


In improving the welfare of Learners who are Hard of Hearing, Enlight Abilities and its partner Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination have conducted their 2nd stage in supporting difficulties of Hearing student’s in Chipata at Gonda Primary School, Lushomo Community School in Monze and Brilliant Minds Academy in Solwezi. It is our hope that these Hearing Aids will improve Acces ...




Moonflower Autism Foundation was formed by a group of dedicated and well-trained parents of individuals with autism on 23rd December 2022.

The aims and objectives of the foundation are training and education, empowerment and rehabilitation of individuals with autism.

Moonflower Autism Foundation is registered as a nonprofit, non political, voluntary organizat ...

Children New Generation Ukraine (CNG Ukraine)


I invite everyone to check our new monthly report for September (EN/UA/RU):

Paso Pacifico


Donors like you helped us stop plastic pollution on rivers in El Salvador. Thank you! Last month, we joined forces with the tourism associations Oriente Salvaje and CORSATUR to make and deploy specialized shallow river barriers made up of segments called interceptors (above right). These floating devices stop plastics from entering the ocean, but let fish and fresh water through. With funding from ...

Bürger Begehren Klimaschutz e.V. (BBK)


Demokratie-Camp 12.-15.Oktober 2023, Berlin (kostenfrei!)

Bist du es leid, wie langsam die Energie- oder Verkehrswende in deiner Stadt vorangeht? Die bisherigen kommunalen Klimaschutz-Maßnahmen findest du nicht ausreichend? Du bist bereits aktiver Teil einer lokalen Klimainitiative? Dann nimm mit direkter Demokratie die Klimapolitik selbst in die Hand!

Als BürgerBegehren Klimaschutz e.V. u ...

Zentrum Prinzhöfte


Das Seminar- und Tagungshaus "Die Scheune" hat im Frühjahr 2023 im Zentrum Prinzhöfte seine Türen geöffnet. Ab sofort steht das Seminarhaus für Veranstaltungen, Seminare und Workshops mit geringem Budget zur Verfügung. Übernachtungsmöglichkeit im Zelt oder mit Schlafsäcken im Obergeschoss des Seminarhauses. Kontakt und Info:

Disability Sign World (DSW)


DSW is a vibrant organization based in Kabale District, Uganda, East Africa working with Persons With Disabilities to enhance Inclusion.

Through our routine visits to families of Persons with Disabilities, we aim at taking our services to the most disadvantaged PWDs who are unable to find us at our office or any other public gatherings and workshops in town.
Most PWDs are ignorant and lack aw ...