Netzkraft Movement


Ukunda-Hilfe e.V.


Die kenianische Bevölkerung leidet weiterhin massiv unter den wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Folgen der Corona Pandemie. Intensive staatliche Regelungen sollen die Ausbreitung des Virus verhindern, doch gehen diese zu Lasten der Menschen:

Viele Familien leben von der Hand in den Mund. Ohne Arbeit, kein Einkommen, kein Essen, keine medizinische Versorgung. Der Verein Ukunda Hilfe e.V. verteilt ...

Project Aid The Gambia


COVID-19 response: Project Aid The Gambia donates 34 ventilators to Ministry of Health
Manjai Kunda, August 20th, 2020 Today, Project Aid The Gambia and the German Embassy Office in The Gambia handed over 34 ventilators with additional medical accessories and 18 hospital beds to the Gambian Ministry of Health at Project Aid’s Headquarters in Manjai Kunda. The 34 ventilators are donations, ga ...

Projekthilfe Gambia e.V.


Corona-Hilfe: Projekthilfe übergibt Beatmungsgeräte und Klinikbetten in Gambia – auch Deutsche Botschaft beteiligt sich

Hattingen, 20.08.2020 Die Projekthilfe Gambia hat heute in Gambia 34 Beatmungsgeräte für die Behandlung von schwer erkrankten Corona-Patienten und 18 Pflegebetten an das gambische Gesundheitsministerium übergeben. Die Beatmungsgeräte sind Spenden der Firmen Börgel i ...

Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation (STIN Foundation)


From manual blood counting to fully equipped laboratory – we are building testing capacities

In 2018, we opened a small laboratory within the clinic, with a part-time Lab Technician and only basic tests. Even blood tests, we had to do manually.
Nevertheless, our lab was growing fast: in 2019, we hired a full-time Lab Tech, and added a binocular microscope and an incubator to the lab.
For ...

The Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE)


Welcome to our September newsletter from The Foundation for African Empowerment

With access to education identified as the top priority for the Enjoro Maasai community in northern Tanzania, we are currently supporting Enjoro Primary School with two projects to enable more children to enjoy school.

How our COVID -19 project is keeping people safe at school

Although schools have reopened ...

Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG GHANA)


Plog Ghana has acquired 41 acres of land to build an ultramodern Educational, Skill Training and an All Sports training facility. It is aimed at making vulnerable children, youth and families become entrepreneurs, skilled persons and to build a better future for them. WE NEED PARTNERS, FUNDERS, COLLABORATORS, VOLUNTEERS, FUNDRAISERS ETC to make our great dream a reality.

Organic Food Kenya


We are expanding our farm that is to buy more space for growing more healthy food for our community. together we can help make this earth a better place for all. Go to the link below
and support

Meg Wah (My Earth)


Less than half of Cameroon is forested. Almost 1% is lost annually due to population increase and its over dependency on the natural resources of the forest for their survival. At this alarming rate of deforestation, the next generation may not have a forest to interact with at all. With your help, 20 kids will plant and care for 100 indigenous fruit tree seeds. Within 3 to 5 years and with the ri ...

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA)


Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) is publishing online Tanzania Renewable Energy Actors Directory. If you are working in the sector of renewable energy in Tanzania and you are interested to appear in the directory, please, download form at

Weiss Scholarship Foundation (WSF)


More than half of the children in the world get little to no education. The Weiss Scholarship Foundation is working hard to end this and create a world where every child gets a great education. Please help. PayPal/Credit Card - Venmo: @weisssf Cash App: $weisssf #empoweringchildren

Indu Sah Foundation (ISF)


Donate to support 420 families for a week. Just a $ 13 can feed a family of four for a week. Support us to provide food to the families who live on daily wage in Nepal in this lockdown. Thank you for your kind donation!
To donate please go to the following link. ...