Netzkraft Movement


Angels Of Hope Charity Group


The Angels of Hope Charity Group's Christmas Comes Early Party for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children preparations are on,the party is held every 24th December annually,the aim of the party is to show love and care to the kids who most likely enjoy a balanced diet meal once in a while,we appeal for well wishers to help us make it a memorable day, kindly visit our Facebook page for more information, ...

Academy of Grassroots Studies and Research of India (AGRASRI)


The Academy of Grassroots Studies and Research of India (AGRASRI), an ICSSR Grant-in-aid Research Institute for Maintenance and Development, has organised the ICSSR Sponsored 2-day National Seminar on 'Village@75: Role of Villages in Nation Building: Achievements, Challenges and Solutions', on 19 and 20 August,2022 at Hotel Bliss, Tirupati,as part of the 75 Years of India's Independence Celebratio ...

HOPE Recovered


During our Youth Discipleship program we realised that many of the participants have never operated a computer. We partnered with an other organisation and a local bank and are happy to be able to offer computer literacy classes to our youth.

Deutsch-Togolesische Gesellschaft e.V.


Am 30. Mai 2022 konnten in Lavié-Apédomé die gespendeten 14 Schulbänke, die in Togo angefertigt wurden, an die Schulkinder der Grundschule "E.G.K.H." übergeben werden.
Es kann sich weiterhin an dieser "SCHULBANKAKTION" beteiligt werden. Eine Schulbank kostet 40,00 Euro und wird mit dem Namen der Spenderin oder des Spenders versehen.