Netzkraft Movement

Instructions for use of the net

How to get in and how to get out

The Netzkraft Movement is an exclusive network. Only those applicants who fulfil three requirements will be admitted:

There are no further costs or commitments. The editors will decide whether or not the first requirement is fulfilled after checking the 'self-portraits' and information material sent by the applicants. The fulfilment of the two other conditions is the personal commitment of every net participant. Please inform the editors whenever you come across any serious violations of these conditions - if, for example, an extremist group is trying to recruit members under ecological disguise or if somebody wants only to commercialize only his own services by using the net. We will pursue every complaint and - if necessary - delete the entry from the directory. We would also appreciate being informed of any changes of address, dissolution of a group or change in the indicated field of activity and so on.

Leaving the net and the directory is simple. A short note is sufficient to have the entry deleted immediately from the directory in the internet.

Even the services of the Netzkraft Movement are exclusive: The offers in the directory don't apply to everybody, but in principle only to other net participants. However a network of solidarity necessarily has its limits. Therefore: check out first to what extent the offered services are available at the given time!