Take Off Youth

R. Dr. José Antunes Vaz Serra 5
3020-127 Coimbra

Ansprechpartner: Vargas, Cintia

+351 967430000


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Über uns

Take Off Youth is a non-profit organisation based in Coimbra, Portugal whose mandate is Youth and Community Development. Our mission is to inspire youth from Portugal to discover their full potential and expand their intercultural understanding by working together on challenging community projects around the world. Take Off Youth is run by volunteers interested in international cooperation, volunteerism and global education.

Our aims and goals:

- aiming to facilitate the integration of young people into society at large and encouraging their spirit of initiative,
- helping young people to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies,
- allowing young people to give free expression on their sense of solidarity in Europe as well as supporting the fight against racism and xenophobia,
- promoting a better understanding of the adversity of our common European culture,
- helping to eliminate all forms of discrimination and promoting equality at all society levels.

European Voluntary Service (18-25 years): The European Voluntary Service is a European Union initiative that allows youth to do individual voluntary work in a host country. EVS promotes the mobility of young people through international activities with a non-formal education dimension. We can send youngsters abroad by cooperating with a wide number of associations throughout the world. We are currently receiving volunteers from abroad under this action.

Youth Exchanges (15-25 years): Take Off Youth is active in five or more youth exchanges per year. Group exchanges allow young people to encounter new cultures and new ways of life as well as share ideas and experiences. We organise projects in Portugal and regularly send youth to activities organised by our partners.

Seminars and Training Courses (18+ years): Seminar and Trainings are designed for people who work with youth. Take Off Youth takes part in several youth seminars and trainings per year. We have organised and host seminars such as "The Youth Platform". We also participate by sending youth workers to seminars and trainings organised by our partner organisations in the European Union, the Mediterranea and the Middle East.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and organise seminars under this topic.