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Deepam Trust

Big Bazaar Street, Kathiramangalam, Thiruvidaimaruthur Tk, Thanjavur Dist.
612106 Kumbakonam

Portavoz: A. Zacharias,Managing Trustee

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Áreas temáticas

  • Economía alternativa
  • Proyecto colectivo/comunal
  • Política / Proyecto de educación
  • Ayudantes voluntarios serán bienvenidos.

Sobre nosotros

Who we are?

Deepam Trust is an organization that working with most vulnerable communities. We facilitate and promote our people through an organization, networking for non-violent and peaceful collective actions. We support them to lift them out of poverty using a holistic, sustainable development model.

Deepam Trust is a grassroots NGO established on 11 October 1995. The organization was registered under the Indian trust registration Act of 1882. Foreign Contribution Regulation Act with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and Income tax exemption Act under 12AA and 80G.

What do we do?

Help people need of the poor, Dalits, tribes, women, old ages, physically challenged, adolescent, children, transgender and most vulnerable people.


Envisage a ‘Just and Equitable Society where the Citizens enjoy the rights of education, appropriate environment, health and livelihood without any discrimination by gender, class, or caste, live in mutual co-operation and perform their responsibilities without any hindrance.


Deepam Trust strives to facilitate and promote the most vulnerable community people through the organization, networking for non-violent and peaceful collective actions. It wants to create, replicate and activate Structures and Systems to cater to the need of the poor, Dalits, tribes, women, old ages, physically challenged, adolescents, children, transgender, and most vulnerable people, etc.

Our Programs

-Income Generation Activities for Dalit and Indigenous Women
-Health Care program
-Training on Social Awareness
-Promotion of volunteers
-Tree Plantation and Environmental Conservation
-Skill training program
-International Volunteers
-Dalit children education development program
-The psychological and spiritual development of Dalit & indigenous

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Welcome to Deepam Trust
Deepam Trust conducts health camps on alternative medicine Siddha, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga and Meditation,for the well-being of deprived people.
Medical Auxiliaries training: 10 rural youth have been trained in alternative medicine Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga and Meditation.
Training on HIV/AIDS: 612 boys and girls from 50 villages were trained in adolescence, STD, STI/RTIs, HIV/AIDS infection; premarital sex, safer sex etc were the major component of the health trainings.
We distributed Vitamin A liquid and Albendazole (De-worming) tablet to 1643 under 5 aged children and Multi vitamin tablet to 572 pregnant women.
Deepam Trust volunteers distributed 3200 Birthing Kits to indigenous narikkuravar pregnant women and maternal healthcare providers to help enable a safe and cleaner birthing.
Training on nutrition management and health education have been conducted 250 dalit women benefitted through the program.
450 dalit women have trained to analyse socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental situations of today.
Deepam Trust has been encouraging volunteerism in all its activities and programs so for 25 volunteers from 15 villages have been created by Deepam Trust to work for the cause of downtrodden with the value of common goal.
International Volunteers have been regularly working in our organization and target areas. Deepam Trust has created a well furnished living house for international volunteers in the rural setting.We welcome international volunteers to serve deprived people.
Deepam Trust Volunteers and women association members planted more than 1500 trees in the house site and common places for environmental drive.
We conducted training on baking, nursery raising and personality development to 35 women.
Deepam Trust has been provided 96 solar lights to 96 indigenous narikkuravar community people.
We have been providing education sponsorship programs for the underprivileged dalit students, and providing educational materials.
We conducted summer camp for dalit children. Children involved in activities that provide for artistic expressions. Theme-based activities, and rights - oriented events bring out their talents into the open.
Since 2009 we have been provide Buddha Dhamma retreat, meditation and mindfulness practice for dalit women and children. A total of 550 dalit women and children have benefitted under Buddha Dhamma retreat, meditation and mindfulness practice program
250 dalit women received vegetable seed kits, seedlings, fruit bearing tree saplings to make organic vegetable garden.
We provided shoes for 704 rural poor school going children.