Mouvement Netzkraft

Zentrum Prinzhöfte

Verein für Ganzheitliches Lernen und ökologische Fragen e.V.

Schulenberger Str. 4
27243 Prinzhöfte

Personne de contact: Frank Borowski

+49 (0)4224 - 1419888

Les Thèmes

  • Economie alternative
  • Politique + projet d'éducation
  • Communauté, projet communal
  • Possibilité passer la nuit.
  • Bénévoles sont les bienvenus.

Qui sommes-nous

Prinzhöfte is a field of experiments with regard to its content, social, economical and political issues. The Prinzhöfte Centre, as well as the "Horstedter Sand" house that was purchased, from which the seminar and conference house MIKADO with 35 beds emerged, are intended to be crystallization points for various areas: They offer living space for people, working-groups, ideas, projects, plants ? and they aim at strengthening independent, viable structures. They strive for a basic understanding of the conditions under which life processes can flourish. Legal sponsor of the centre is the "Verein für ganzheitliches Lernen und ökologische Fragen e.V." (association for integral learning and ecological questions, registered association).

In addition to the Mikado conference house, in 2023 we opened another seminar house called "the barn" in the Prinzhöfte centre. One-day seminars and one-day workshops are held here, where overnight stays are not necessary, or where the participants can stay overnight in tents on the meadow next door if necessary.

In addition, the association has been running the Wildeshausen Wilderness School for 20 years, which imparts traditional and ancient knowledge in courses such as wilderness education, nature-connected leadership, etc.

To be precise: we are developing in some fields concerning our dealing with nature, models how linked up solutions can look like, for example:

- Permaculture as a concept, principle and method, also for social interaction
- agriculture, landscape gardening, architecture etc.
- economical energy systems with a low level of CO2, for example exploration of biological piles
- aquaculture, plant sewage works and pond systems
- mixed culture
- construction with clay, sun, glass and green
- test fields to experience nature and senses

The learning process is understood in our center as a life process, as a pleasurable appropriation of nature. We want to learn living learning again. Experiences from Freinet pedagogy, holistic learning, ecology and the principles of permaculture help us with this.

Our seminars do not fix any skeletons of learning forms and objectives, but create room and conditions for self-organized learning processes.

We have also been running a day-care center for children (Kindertagesstätte) since the 1990s, now with a crèche (1 to 3 years) and a kindergarten group, which of course works according to the principles of Freinet pedagogy. This also applies to the "Freie Schule Prinzhöfte", which started operating in August 1996 and is now run by an independent association.

For a long time we have been working in the field of school development and school counseling according to systemic points of view. In the meantime, the principles and methods of permaculture permeate all areas of the association.

We offer overnight accommodations for other net participants, we can give expert advice, deliver expert opinions, communicate up-to-date specialized information and arrange for contacts in the fields of pedagogy and ecology.