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Association for Sustainable Development Livelihood Initiatives (SUSTAIN Cameroon)

P.O Box 1032; Hospital Round About, Bamenda II

Interlocuteur: Etali Genesis Akwaji

+237-678172617; +237-75620662; +23799988498

Les Thèmes

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Qui sommes-nous

Established in 2005, Association for Sustainable Development Livelihood Initiatives (SUSTAIN Cameroon) is a non-profit organization whose humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of Cameroon’s most vulnerable people affected by HIV, poverty and violence. We seek to improve the welfare of vulnerable people of all ages in the most under-served communities of Cameroon.
SUSTAIN offers access to income generation initiatives for child brides, at risk adolescent girls, widows, single mothers, barren women and orphans and helps them continue their education to escape from extreme poverty, trafficking, early and forced marriages, HIV/AIDS infection and other health risks.

SUSTAIN Cameroon’s Vision is to bring lasting and positive change to Cameroons most vulnerable people by helping them to acquire the education, skills and resources necessary to build secure and peaceful lives

SUSTAIN Cameroon’s mission is to improve on the welfare of orphans and vulnerable children, disadvantaged women and other stigmatized in the community through enhancing access to the basic needs of health, education, housing, food, livelihoods and other components that contribute to a good material quality of life.
SUSTAIN through its mission seeks to create a society where: impoverished communities have access to basic services of education, health care, portable drinking water, hygiene and sanitation, and energy supply, where orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), underprivileged women, and marginalized people can participate equally in social, economic and political activities and children can live without fear.

What we do
Child Protection:
• Advocacy campaigns and Child Sexual Abuse prevention: To combat child sexual abuse crisis in Cameroon and particularly in sub-urban and rural communities, our organization is leading advocacy campaigns, raising awareness, and educating the public, local communities, families and adults against child sexual abuse and its lifelong effects on victimized children. We are also pressing for greater public involvement in providing opportunities for perpetrators to be brought to justice; and lobby for policy enactments to protect children from abuse. We also provide awareness and education of child sexual abuse prevention for adults and families.
• Advocacy campaigns and Child, early and forced marriages: To combat child, early and forced marriages, SUSTAIN Cameroon is actively engaged in transforming lives of children trapped in abusive child marriages and empowering potential victims through education, training and income generating activities. We also train youths including child brides, at risk girls, their caregivers and some community volunteers on child protection, community activism and to engage them as activists and camapigners against CEFM/GBV, sexual abuse, human trafficking and modern day slavery.
Education and Vocational Training: SUSTAIN Cameroon runs a scholarship scheme known as SEED: Support Education and Empowerment for the Disadvantaged. The scheme aims at helping orphans and vulnerable children, children with limited parental care, child brides and children at risk to provide them with their school supplies and to pay for their tuition and fees. Our scheme also seeks to identify drop outs youths and offer them with vocational skills trades training opportunities, provide income generation to enable them escape from poverty, child, early and forced marriages (CEFM), gender based violence (GBV), sexual exploitation, human trafficking and modern day slavery etc.
Health and HIV/AIDS: Anti-stigma Campaigns - Our involvement with schools also includes a Campus Campaign and special holiday educational program to reach young people with vital information on HIV/ AIDS and prevention. We provide access to sexual and reproductive health and rights including menstrual health education and management to adolescent young girls including child brides. We train, sensitize and provide adolescent youths including child brides with comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) packages introducing best practices to delay first sex and to avoid early pregnancy.
WASH - Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Through a Hand washing campaign SUSTAIN Cameron is raising awareness on the importance of hand washing using detergents to slum dwellers in semi-urban areas and poor households. We are also advocating and providing technical support to rural communities to access portable drinking water
Gender Equality: To promote gender equality, SUSTAIN Cameroon engages men and boys in advocacy to advance the rights of women and girls. Men and boys hold power to decision making at the local (grassroots) and national levels and are better placed to challenge the status-quo and confront men and boys against gender discrimination and to press for women and girls’ representation in the decision making structures.
Livelihoods - Micro-Credits: Our efforts in partnership with sponsors and donors seeks to single out women (child brides, at risk girls, single mothers, widows, women in adverse conditions) who would be able to grow small businesses, increase their income level, build assets and increase their families well-being with the help of micro-credit loans.
Environment and Climate Change: SUSTAIN Cameroon will commit to lead education, awareness-raising, building capacity of women and of the communities of its interventions on climate change mitigation, spreading vital adaptation knowledge, impact reduction and early warning, including measures that can help to protect our ecosystem and promote health.

Etali Genesis Akwaji is the CEO of the Association for Sustainable Development Livelihood Initiatives (SUSTAIN Cameroon)

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