Netzkraft Movement

Asha Varadhi e.V.

Brücke der Hoffnung nach Indien

Steinbruchstr. 66
73257 Köngen

Contact person: Reiner Schmid

+49 (0)7024 468496; +49 (0)171 4475400


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

The Asha Varadhi non-profit Association was founded in Köngen, Germany, on July 29, 2004 to provide financial and moral support for health care and education to those in need in India.
We also draw attention to the problems of these disadvantaged people, especially children and women, through information and public relations work.
Our 1st Chairman Reiner Schmid has experienced the existential needs and worries of these people directly through personal contacts on site during his many trips since 2003.

• Microcredit programs Sancta Theresa Convent, Koilakuntla and Amadala: We provide the basic capital for microcredits that are awarded on a rolling basis to women who are organized in self-help groups. These small loans amount to a maximum of 20,000/- Rs. (about 250 euros) and are used for business start-ups and the purchase of cows or goats. Before payment is made, the loan request is checked by the self-help groups under the guidance of a nun. A loan for private consumption purposes or even "Dowri" (dowry payment) is excluded.
• Orange Home: Thanks to the huge donation from the Evangelische Jugendwerk Esslingen, arising from the Orange Campaign in 2010, it was possible to build a home for up to 60 girls in Yemmiganur. Since that time we have been supporting the sisters in charge of the Sancta Theresa Convent with maintenance and repairs.
• Sponsorships: Almost 100 children, partly orphans, in Yemmiganur and the surrounding area as well as in Koilakuntla, Eluru, Mahabubnagar and Gajwel have found a sponsor through us. Together we can ensure that the children are doing reasonably well and that they can go to school.
• Medical Camps: We provide funds to the Sancta Theresa Convent in Yemmiganur and Koilakuntla to provide medicines to the population in case of illness. We also support necessary operations that the families cannot afford without our help.
• Educational Material Project: Every year at the start of school in May, about 250 children in Madepalli receive school materials (school uniforms, books, notebooks, writing materials) from Fr. Joseph. In this way, we can jointly ensure that school attendance is possible without burdening the household budget of the family.
• We have also provided schools in Yemmiganur, Koilakuntla and Gajwel with school benches and desks, a laboratory, a shady area for lunch breaks and toilets.
• With our support, a solar system was installed in St. Joseph's School in Gajwel.
• Drinking Water Plants: We were able to provide the financial means for drinking water treatment plants in Reddipalle and in JMJ schools in Karunapuram and Gajwel. In Reddipalle, 300 families and around 1,200 schoolchildren benefit from clean drinking water.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.