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Arbeitsgemeinschaft Frieden e.V. Trier (AGF)

Pfützenstraße 1
54290 Trier

Interlocuteur: Markus Pflüger

+49 (0)651 9941017; +49 (0) 651 9941016

Les Thèmes

  • Antiracisme, politique d'integration
  • Politique + projet d'éducation
  • Politique de la paix
  • Bénévoles sont les bienvenus.

Qui sommes-nous

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Frieden Trier (AGF) is a non-denominational, non-partisan, non-profit organization that works for peace, justice and human rights. It does so with the firm conviction that these goals can only be achieved in the long term through non-violence.
In the Peace & Environment Center (FUZ), the AGF operates a world shop with fair-trade products, books and environment-friendly paper products. Other offers include events based on peace politics and peace education, civil courage training, tours of the fair trade shop, anti-fascist city tours:, as well as an information and coffee corner with a range of magazines.
The AGF was founded in 1979 and is supported by around 260 members, of whom around 40 are actively involved in working groups, on the board or in the fair trade shop.

What do we stand for?
• For prevention and civil conflict management instead of militarization and war operations.
• For global social justice and human rights instead of neoliberal globalization and exploitation.
• For full asylum law and combating the causes of flight instead of exclusion and discrimination against refugees.
• For political and personal engagement against right-wing extremism and racism.
• For violence prevention and civil courage in everyday life.

In order to achieve our goals, we work in working groups and in alliances with other organizations such as the "Refugee Forum", "For a colourful Trier - together against the right wing" or "Trier for All".

Main topics of the working groups:
• Trier during the Nazi era: remembrance work and anti-fascist city tours, e.g. exhibitions and lectures as well as participation in protests against today's Nazis and the right (populism)
• World literature: Intercultural learning by reading and discussing texts and books by contemporary authors from Asia, Africa and Latin America.
• One world fair trade dhop: Educational work on development policy issues and the sale of fairly traded products, books and handicrafts by small farmers and cooperatives from “3rd World "countries in the AGF fair trade shop.
• Disarmament project: the new group welcomes interested parties, please report to the AGF office

The AGF organizes information and discussion events, as well as demonstrations and protests, and does public relations and lobbying work for the general public, politicians and decision-makers.
We also offer lectures and workshops on civil courage, right-wing extremism, conflict prevention, peace services and asylum policy.
The AGF offers free language courses for migrants and refugees. We have three offers: Learn German together - from women for women; Literacy course for refugees; "Arrive" project (tutoring).

On request, we can provide up-to-date specialist information and contacts for other net participants in the field: fair trade, anti-racism, remembrance work, peace policy.

Das Friedens- & Umweltzentrum in der Pfützenstraße 1 in 54290 Trier
Ostermarsch in Büchel gegen Atomwaffen