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Community Hands Against Poverty

P.O Box 50 Maragoli
50300 Nairobi

Contact person: Alfred K. Asena

+254 729 969072


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Community Hands Against Poverty is raising money for its upcoming Financial literacy and Teenage sEx eDuCaTiOn project in April 2019.
It has raised KES 1,229 so far via Mchanga on Facebook on our link at but we still need more funds to completely reach our goal of 5M challenge on # NO Poverty donation. Would you consider making a donation even small gifts of 1kshs will support CHAP to meet its objective in providing free financial literacy education to our youth and also help reduce the cases of teenage pregnancies and promote Education for our at risk vulnerable teenage girls living in areas where this challenges are more rampant.
Please feel free to share this post and encourage your own friends to give to CHAP using our # NO POVERTY.
Join the challenge of Kes 10 x 100 supporters every 60 minutes and contribute Kes1000 in every 1000 seconds.
1 second transaction x 1kes x 1000 second will give 1K. Be a matching sponsor to every 1K raised in 1000 seconds

About us

Community Hands Against Poverty (CHAP), founded in 2011, is a Kenyan NGO that aims to relieve poverty and improve food security. Community Hand Against Poverty is new non-profit organization that inspires communities and everyone to increase their literacy skills. Managed by Alfred K. Asena as founder and chairman.

The organization will work to connect and mobilizes business, unions, government, communities and individuals to support lifelong learning and will achieve its goals and objective through community support ventures, agriculture and literacy programs, communications and partnerships as a means to support in fight against poverty.

To develop, implement and coordinate community & social protection and poverty reduction solutions for and with the poor, vulnerable, disadvantaged group of all ages.

• Promoting sustainable natural resources management to stop the process of further environmental degradation in the country and promote the civic movement to achieve the aims of stopping and reversing environmental degradation in Kenya
• Managing risks and providing safety nets to eliminate food and water insecurity, disease, conflicts and climate change issues in the communities through establishment of food banks and water projects.
• Provide mechanisms by investing in human/community capital and grants aid resources for better social integration in education, health, energy, agriculture on women, and youth economic empowerment strategies.
• To raise public awareness through hunger walk activities and enhance public perception through local civil society organization, community groups and local media in the provision and delivery of the basic needs to vulnerable/affected or marginalized groups in the communities.
• Modernize basic agricultural infrastructure in rural areas by promoting agricultural production and agro processing sectors in the agricultural sectors.

House hold budget and financial literacy envisions a community where everyone has the skills which he needs to live a fully engaged life.
• Money Smart is a new financial literacy and education savings pilot program for adult and teenage learners developed with founding partners and CHAP Founder Alfred K. Asena. The program aims to bring banking institution, groups, volunteer-tutors into community learning centres across communities to teach banking and financial skills. Learners also will receive information about the education savings opportunities available from the Government partnership as well as resources available to them through CHAP.

Alfred K. Asena is the Founder and Chairman of Community Hands Against Poverty (CHAP).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.