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IMAD (Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development)

5A Stamford Way
WC7708 Kenilworth, Cape Town
South Africa

Contact person: Nick Green

+27 73 182 5305 ; + 27 84 660 6158; +27 (0)21 761 7740
+27 (0)21 761 7740


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Media project

About us

Founded in 2007, IMAD (Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development) is an NPO operating in disadvantaged areas in and around Cape Town. IMAD has two focus areas: teaching young people to play an instrument – saxophone, trumpet, trombone, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar or drums – to sing in a choir, and to play in ensembles, and providing these youngsters with the opportunity to graduate to the Little Giants youth band, to study at the UCT College of Music and elsewhere, and to become successful professional musicians. By working with these young people, IMAD provides a very meaningful alternative to gangsterism, drugs and other evil options in the townships. IMAD´s main focus is on teaching and playing in the indigenous Cape Jazz genre.

IMAD develops and promotes indigenous music and arts.

IMAD provides accessible music education for all.

• IMAD engages in grass roots education projects.
• IMAD provides resources to support these education projects.
• IMAD develops life skills for young people.
• IMAD builds partnerships with other similar organisations.

IMAD´s Projects:
• Grass Roots Schools in Khayelitsha and Lansdowne: The children are taught by experienced professional musicians under the supervision of George Werner, a renowned Cape Town jazz musician. IMAD provides instruments and the children´s progress is monitored and reported on annually.
• Langa Primary and High Schools: At Langa High School IMAD teachers take the Grade 8 & 9 music classes from the curriculum and also teach in the afternoon. The afternoon classes are for trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, guitar ad drums as well as singing in the choir.
• York Road Saturday School and Khayelitsha Saturday School: IMAD offers music classes on Saturday mornings to children and adults from the local community. The primary purpose of this Saturday school is to provide children from the IMAD Grass Roots project, who move to a high school without a music department, with the opportunity to continue their musical education.
• Little Giants: Established in 1999 under musical directorship of Ezra Ngcukana and George Werner, this group of young musicians, aged between 15 and 20 years, from the suburbs and townships of Cape Town, has developed into a tightly knit integrated unit.

Nick Green is the Financial Director at IMAD (Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.