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Save Cambodia´s Wildlife (SCW)

#6Eo, St. 570, Sangkat Boeng Kak II, Toul Kork, P.O. Box 3223
Phnom Penh

Portavoz: Tep Boonny (Executive Director)


Áreas temáticas

  • Investigación ecológica/sobre el futuro
  • Política / Proyecto de educación
  • Organización de medio ambiente
  • Ayudantes voluntarios serán bienvenidos.


2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Save Cambodia’s Wildlife (SCW).

Since our first steps in 1999 to set up a wildlife rescue center, we have been working hard to conserve nature and improve lives. All of you continue to play a crucial role in making our dreams become a reality.

Now, let’s celebrate!

Sobre nosotros

Save Cambodia´s Wildlife (SCW) is a leading national not-for-profit, non-partisan NGO, which works for the protection and conservation of natural resources and wildlife habitats throughout Cambodia. SCW aims at raising awareness on climate change, wildlife protection and environmental issues in general.

Conservation through Education
SCW focuses on education as means of empowerment and change, using book publications, teaching programs and awareness campaigns to reach all levels of society. SCW encourages and facilitates networking between indigenous communities and local authorities to achieve nature conservation and biodiversity preservation.

Our vision is a world, where nature, wildlife and human beings co-exist peacefully.

Our mission is to protect and conserve natural resources and wildlife habitats through:
• Education & Community Mobilization
• Integrated Alternative Livelihoods

SCW's work
Over the last 20 years, SCW has been working on 15 projects in 8 provinces, in order to address the challenges faced by the Cambodian population, mainly
• Poverty & Effects of Climate Change: caused by unsustainable and insufficient access to natural resources
• Social Injustice: due to limited application of a rights-based-approach and participation from rights holders and duty bearers

Current Projects
• Creating a Green Belt in Cambodia (Welthungerhilfe): Linking 152 CPAs nationwide, climate change action, social business, youth engagement
• Go! Green Ownership (ForumSyd): Increasing community access, control and sustainable use of natural resources and community climate change resilience
• PEM II (Oxfam): Participatory Community-Based Natural Resource Management (NRM) and Eco-System Protection
• Food Security & Climate Change (Johanniter): Increased resilience of vulnerable farmers through integrated agriculture, income generating measures, and awareness raising on the consequences of climate change on food security
• EcoTourism: Community Based Responsible Tourism: SCW established an Eco-Tourism site in the Community Protected Area (CPA) of Mondul Yorn in Ratanakiri province. SCW supports tourism that promotes understanding and appreciation of the environment and indigenous cultures. We operate in an economically, socially and culturally responsible manner. We strive to provide a real sustainable experience, so you can help to save Cambodia´s wildlife.
• Social Entrepreneurship: To ensure ownership and sustainability for our target communities and for SCW as an organization, we believe in Social Business as the future of business, which benefits everybody. Sustainable Eco-Tourism: SCW offers Eco-Travels to the remote jungle of Mondul Yorn in Ratanakiri; Local Products: SCW aims at supporting local communities to sustainably develop, process, market and sell their local products, for example honey. This action is supported by the ongoing Johanniter project Food Security & Climate Change Resilience; Children´s Storybooks: SCW´s children´s storybooks support the communities through environmental education; Youth Development Program; External Consultancy: SCW offers its expertise to local and iNGOs

Tep Boonny is the Executive Director of Save Cambodia´s Wildlife (SCW).

Watch "Our Forest - Our Future" short video on the importance of the forest for us all: