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Divine Act Charitable Trust (DACT)

U.I.P.O.BOX 20423, Klm 1, Ibadan-Ilorin Expressway, Ojoo
200001 Ibadan

Portavoz: Peter Adewunmiju

+234-806-720-4470; +234-808-079-4600

Áreas temáticas

  • Proyecto colectivo/comunal
  • Proyecto de medio ambiente
  • Derechos humanos
  • Lugar donde pernoctar
  • Ayudantes voluntarios serán bienvenidos.

Sobre nosotros

Divine Act Charitable Trust (DACT) is an African Non-Governmental, Non Political and Non-Profitable Organization established in 2012. It acts local and international within Sub-Sahara African communities to promote sustainable social change by improving the living conditions of vulnerable populaces, by focusing on addressing hunger, poverty and acting upon the causes of poverty and inequality.

Our goals:
• To provide counseling to the less privilege populace from the feeling of trauma that the environment has brought upon them and from hazardous living conditions endangering their security and dignity as human beings worthy of love and respect.
• Protect and support the vulnerable children and the less privilege populace as well as protecting their rights.
• To discriminate information to the less privilege populace about development programmes and encourages people to exercise their rights.
• Organizing information and enlightenment campaigns on proper use of available resource for human development and empowerment; To organize the people to participate in social action process for economic self-reliance.
• To create and educate the vulnerable populace through awareness seminars and workshops on socio-economic opportunities for sustainable.
• To improve access to health care, education and rehabilitation services for persons with visual, hearing, physical or psychosocial impairments.
• To mainstream disability into all aspects of development and empower persons with disabilities to take an active role in their communities through inclusion in development projects and involvement in community initiatives.
• Establish a healthy relationship and collaboration with the public and private institutions, Government, NGO and Religious bodies´ with a view of extending their activities to the project beneficiaries; Fostering collaborative efforts and promoting unity of purpose among organization with similar objectives;

Our programmes:
• Youth Advocacy: DACT will work with the young people and impart life and advocacy skills to them, so that they can advocate for their rights and make their voices heard.
• Anti-Trafficking and Gender-based Violence: The program offers safe, secure, and undisclosed residential services for the safety of those it serves with a focus on the provision of trauma counseling, spiritual healing, life skills, education and confidence-building.
• Rural and Economic Development: DACT program focuses on the empowerment of women by providing women with economic development opportunities, education and health care. Through regular training and seminars, women trained by DACT will have learned how to improve their farming or their vocational training skills, add new, more profitable crops, build a family budget and better manage their small businesses. DACT helps to increase access to safe drinking water, thereby decreasing waterborne disease especially amongst children, and to decrease the burden on women.
• Orphaned and Vulnerable Children: By supplying essential educational resources such as books, uniforms, and classroom supplies, while also providing fundamental life resources such as clean water and protection from human traffickers, DACT incentivizes children to enroll — and stay in — school all the way through graduation.
• Educational and Vocational Training: By providing tuition, uniforms, books and school supplies, DACT provides the essentials for children to receive an education.
• Community Health Education and HIV/AIDS: Key prevention techniques like hand washing, cleaning of utensils and positioning of sanitation facilities in relation to water sources are emphasized. In addition, DACT partnered with other organizations in abroad to promote and educate mothers on child nutrition, exclusive breastfeeding, infant and child care, and disease care and prevention. DACT implements HIV/AIDS prevention programming, provide counseling and testing services through mobile and freestanding clinics, extend care to orphans and vulnerable children, and provide care and support people living with HIV/AIDS.
• Clean Water Well and Sanitation: DACT teaches children and families how to keep themselves and their communities healthy and clean through hand-washing, regular bathing, oral hygiene, safe food preparation, trash pick-up and more.

Peter Adewunmiju is the Executive Director and Programme Manager at the Divine Act Charitable Trust (DACT).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.