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ASTRA anti trafficking action

Carice Milice 15
11 000 Belgrade

Interlocuteur: Marija Andjelkovic

+381 11 785 0001
+381 11 785 0010

Les Thèmes

  • Organisation d'aide
  • Droits de l'Homme
  • Politique sociale/hommes handicapés
  • Bénévoles sont les bienvenus.

Qui sommes-nous

ASTRA (anti trafficking action) is a Serbian based NGO dealing with issue of human trafficking since 2000. We are focused on victim assistance, prevention and education, networking and research of the topic.

ASTRA is a local grass-root non-governmental organization dedicated to the eradication of all forms of trafficking in human beings, especially in women and children, as well as an efficient search for missing children and protection of children after they have been found, applying a comprehensive approach, with the aim of eliminating this specific form of violence by promoting a society free of all forms of exploitation, violence, discrimination and economic and social inequalities.

• SOS Hotline and Victim Assistance: ASTRA SOS Hotline and Direct Victim Assistance program was started in mid-February 2002 by launching the first and still the only SOS line in Serbia specialized for the problem of human trafficking. SOS Hotline has a double purpose: the provision of preventive and educational information (information on the problem of human trafficking and the possibilities for safe migrations and legal work abroad) and direct communication, for the purpose of assistance and support, with (potential) trafficking victims and their families, persons who are currently in the tr Services available to trafficking survivors and their families through ASTRA SOS Hotline and Direct Victim Assistance Program include counseling and support in the process of search, identification, recovery and reintegration; psychological assistance (individual and group therapy, self help groups etc.); legal assistance (legal advice and representation in court in criminal and civil proceedings); medical assistance (general and specialized check-ups, medicamentous therapy, lab analyses, HIV and STD testing, dental treatments, etc.). afficking chain or who managed to get out without adequate psychosocial assistance.
• Prevention and Education: Within its Prevention and Education Program ASTRA has organized or participated as lecturer in basic and specialized trainings for police officers, judges and prosecutors, medical doctors, school teachers, social workers, NGO activists, human rights lawyers and media representatives. Special attention is paid to work with young people, who are, although broad and diverse, the category under high risk of trafficking. They are reached out through workshops, lectures, street actions, peer education, etc. and ASTRA´s activists seek to be present at all events frequented by young people.
• Reintegration: Reintegration program was additionally strengthened by the launching of ASTRA Day Center in January 2007. It is intended primarily for victims who do not live in shelters and who are thus left outside any victim assistance scheme. For them, ASTRA Day Center is a safe place where clients can attend various activities in which design and planning they participate – creative workshops, sports and the like. ASTRA Day Center is a safe place for adolescents who live in homes for children without parental care and who are under greater risk of falling victim to trafficking.
• Networking: To provide better help for its clients and to enhance prevention and victim protection mechanism, ASTRA cooperates, through networks or on case-to-case basis with numerous organizations from Serbia and worldwide.
• Research: Research activity is another important segment of ASTRA´s work. ASTRA publishes quarterly e-newsletter which gives an overview of all anti-trafficking activities carried out in Serbia.

Marija Andjelkovic is a Founder and the current President of ASTRA (anti trafficking action).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.