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African Christian Homes & Rehabilitation Center (ACHRC)


Portavoz: Boateng, Kofi

+233 4 4363842
+233 5133994

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Sobre nosotros

The African Christian Homes & Rehabilatation Center (ACHRC) is a faith based non profit organization and non governmental organization formed in 1997 as a subsidiary of faith african evangelism inc.. It rehabilitates commercial sex workes, street children in employable skill, rehabilitation of people living with HIV/AIDS, AIDS orphans and women.

Since ACHRC's inception, ACHRC have achieved the following successes:

- The Rehabilitation Center has being able to rehabilitate 15 commercial sex workers and have integrated them into the society and 20 are currently under training.
- It has also trained 268 youths including 50 Muslim women at Alec Brooks Centre for Youth Development.
- ACHRC is currently taking care of 55 AIDS orphans and 250 PLWHAs
- ACHRC in partnership with MICRO CARE GHANA has been able to form an association of people living with HIV/AIDS with a membership of 300.
- 20 street children will graduate in April 2004.
- ACHRC has been able to form anti HIV/AIDS club in 2nd cycle schools to promote the youth education on HIV/AIDS and STIs.


- promoting health and welfare of youth and women,
- providing health support services to HIV/AIDS victims.
- giving financial support to HIV/AIDS victims and AIDS orphans and PLWHA.
- combat the spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic among our people in our communities.
- working in partnership with government and international agencies.

The organization acquires 3 hectors of land to build its permanent Rehabilitation Center. They are looking for development partners to developed the school and orphanage.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff and establish new contacts in the following fields: HIV/AIDS, orphanage, drug abuse and women development.