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Aktion Umwelt für Kinder (AKU)

Hilfswerk für umweltgefährdete Junge Menschen e.V.

c/o GBI-CompetenceCenter, Gotlandstraße 5
10439 Berlin

Portavoz: Michael Jagenlauf, Prof. Dr.

+49 (0) 30 / 44 65 05 40
+49 (0) 30 / 44 65 05 41

Áreas temáticas

  • Proyecto colectivo/comunal
  • Proyecto de medio ambiente
  • Política social/Discapacitados
  • Ayudantes voluntarios serán bienvenidos.

Sobre nosotros

AKU - relief organisation for young people at risk due to their surroundings – helps environmentally and socially disadvantaged children and juveniles, primarily in Brandenburg and Eastern Europe, to achieve good health and future prospects. This is made possible by projects to stabilise their health, and educational projects. The association was founded in 1992 and works closely with the Katja Ebstein Foundation.

AKU's projects play a role in the realization of children's ecological rights. We consider that children have a right to a healthy environment. We wish to eradicate poverty and social injustices and for young people to have equal educational opportunities, a healthy life and positive future prospects.

AKU's work is based on a holistic and action-oriented approach and includes parents and teachers as multipliers in its diverse child and youth work.

AKU has been involved in the government project "Children's Agenda for Health and the Environment – proposals for a future fit for our grandchildren". It was the co-founder of the network "Child Health and the Environment."

AKU has set itself the following objectives:
• Strengthening the self-esteem of socially disadvantaged children
• Training them to actively help themselves,
• Encouraging an active lifestyle,
• Enabling contact with people from beyond their social, cultural and geographical boundaries,
• Alleviating extreme material and social distress,
• Stabilizing the health of injured and sick children,
• Developing and promoting team competence and a sense of community among all participants

• ECA (Experience, Opportunity, Adventure): experiential education for school classes and groups.
• "ÖKOTANIEN" family and adventure centre: experiential education for school classes and groups.
• Further training in experiential education: German-Polish further education courses for voluntary youth workers.
• German-Polish summer camps for socially disadvantaged children and youths
• Holidays with Swiss host families: holiday accommodation for socially disadvantaged children from Southern Bandenburg in Switzerland.
• Humanitarian aid: shipment of donations in kind to Poland and Russia.

Michael Jagenlauf is on the committee of AKU - relief organisation for young people at risk due to their surroundings.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.