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Csilla von Boeselager Stiftung

Osteuropahilfe e.V.

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59757 Arnsberg - Vosswinkel

Portavoz: Ilona Boeselager

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Áreas temáticas

  • Proyecto colectivo/comunal
  • Organización de apoyo
  • Política social/Discapacitados
  • Ayudantes voluntarios serán bienvenidos.

Sobre nosotros

In 1988 Csilla founded the Hungarian Malta Charity Service in Budapest. In 1989 she took the responsabilty for 30,000 refugees from Eastern Germany. Under her leadership, German and Hungarian volunteers from the Malta Charity Service built tent camps for refugees.
She maintained daily contact with the world press, built important relationships on the diplomatic front and made an important contribution to the peaceful fall of the "Iron Curtain".
After 1989 Csilla used this exceptional experience and her international contacts of helpers to collect donations to for the new Democracies. She organised more than 300 trucks annually with medical equipment, hospital beds and clothing for those in need.
In 1991 Csilla set up the charitable Foundation "Osteuropahilfe", which became the "Csilla von Boeselager Foundation" after her death.

Our Principles
• we provide non-political relief for the sick, the hungry,
the homeless in Eastern Europe
• we work together with private, local initiatives as our partners
• we maintain close personal contact with our Eastern European partners

• we know what your donations are used for and ensure accurate accounting
• working on a voluntary basis, consequently your donation will be used in Eastern Europe without any deductions.

Some of our Projects
• Saporischja, Ukraine: Soup kitchen and clothing support
• Satu Mare, Romania: Care for children living in poverty
• Pécs, Hungary: Outpatient clinic for the poor and homeless
• Banat, Serbia and Montenegro: Emergency aid for victims of flooding
• Wroclaw, Poland: Soup kitchen

Ilona von Boeselager is a Member of the Board of Directors.

For other net participants we can establish new contacts in the contacts in the field: Potential partners and emergency projects in Eastern Europe.