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Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International

(Human and Civil Rights Organization)

6 Hassan Manzil, Arambagh Road

Interlocuteur: Burney, Shaheen

+92 21/2623382+92 21/2623383
+92 21/2623384

Les Thèmes

  • Droits de l'Homme
  • Politique de la paix
  • Condition + projet féminin
  • Bénévoles sont les bienvenus.

Qui sommes-nous

Established in 1980 by Mr. Burney, ABWTI was the first organization to introduce true human rights in Pakistan. ABWTI is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable organization fighting against all forms of torture, cruel inhuman or degrading treatment, forced disappearances, summary execution, child abuse or other more subtle forms of violent repression or human and civil rights violations.

Its work is for aid, advice, release, rehabilitation, and welfare of the illegally and unlawfully prisoned persons, mental patients, missing persons/children, drug addicts; and also the rehabilitation and welfare of the families of these unfortunate human beings, purely on humanitarian grounds, in the greater interest of justice and humanity, without any affiliation or consideration of any political party and activities. The Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International also provides legal aid and support to all those that need it.

Ansar Burney was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1956, is married with Shaheen Burney and has 3 children. He did his graduation, Master's and Law from Karachi University. Later he received an honorary degree of PhD, in Philosophy from Sri Lanka.

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