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Mut fördern e.V.

Postfach 103011
28030 Bremen

Contact person: Lucy Weber

+49 (0) 421 9898 2424


  • Aid organization
  • Media project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.


**Ehrenamtliche MUT-SCOUTS gesucht!**

Der MUT-ATLAS ( ist Deutschlands erste gemeinnützige, themenübergreifende und datenschutzkonforme Online-Übersichtskarte für Hilfs- und Präventionsangebote im Bereich der psychischen Gesundheit. Langfristiges Ziel ist es, im MUT-ATLAS alle über 100.000 Angebote der Selbsthilfe sowie der professionellen Beratung und Behandlung im Bereich psychischer Erkrankungen darzustellen und auf diese Weise für Betroffene, Angehörige und beruflich Helfende zentral und sicher zugänglich zu machen.

Um dieses ambitionierte Ziel zu erreichen, freuen wir uns über deine Unterstützung als ehrenamtliche*r MUT-SCOUT.
Als MUT-SCOUT recherchierst Du nach Angeboten und trägst diese in den MUT-ATLAS ein. Oder Du prüfst bereits bestehende Angebote auf ihre Aktualität. Alles, was Du brauchst, ist ein Internetzugang und schon kannst Du zeitlich und örtlich flexibel loslegen. Meld dich gerne bei uns!

About us

The non-profit association “Mut fördern” (Promoting Courage), founded in 2002, was based on MUT-TOUR initiative. We provide support for self-help in various ways, related to mental health. This includes both the MUT ATLAS and our exercise-oriented MUT GROUPS. We also advise self-help groups on public relations issues and provide support with IT issues.
As a self-help organization, we want to live in a society in which mental illnesses receive the same attention as physical illnesses.
We achieve this by openly educating people about mental health issues and creating spaces for encounters and exchanges that are open to all people and in which they can experience self-efficacy.
The founding members of Promoting Courage all come from the full-time team of the MUT-TOUR Initiative. This means that we can rely on the team's years of experience and the MUT-TOUR's nationwide network of participants in the newly founded club.

Our initiatives

The MUT-TOUR is an action program that has been spreading in Germany since 2012. Participants want to encourage others to accept help and enter into dialogue. Through this direct form of public relations work, the participants pass on their experiences in dealing with mental illness and also benefit from the positive influence of shared experience. Participants experience exercise and nature together on tandem bicycles or hiking accompanied by horses. Those who are not affected themselves benefit from the exchange and view experience of depression as a valuable resource.

Germany's first non-profit online overview map of help and prevention offers in the field of mental health: The aim is to present all of the approximately 100,000 offers of self-help, as well as professional advice and treatment in the area of all mental illnesses, in the MUT-ATLAS. For the first time, relatives, affected people and people who want to help professionally can find offers of help in one place either cartographically or by place name. The search can be narrowed down using various filter options. The COURAGE ATLAS is encouraging because it shows how many support and prevention offers there are. It helps because it is practical and easy to use. It is current because the offers are regularly checked and supplemented. It protects its users because we only work with secure servers and data-protecting open source applications and the users remain anonymous. As part of the Atlas, we have founded a volunteer network, the MUT-SCOUT community. This community, which is to be formed as part of the MUT-ATLAS, is intended to offer an opportunity to work together to make it easier for people to enter the help system and to help register additional offers of help or update existing ones.

An action program on the topic of mental health, which includes information stand campaigns, exercise and other hands-on activities, workshops, etc. The program extends from one to several weeks.

A format that combines exercise and commitment to mental health in a one-day running and information stand campaign.

MUT groups:
The Courage Promotion Association offers various self-help offerings throughout Germany, including the MUT groups. MUT groups are self-help groups sponsored by Promoting Courage. Some of the groups were founded under the association, others have existed for a long time and have come to us for sponsorship. What the MUT groups have in common is that they work in a resource-oriented manner and not necessarily just in a “traditional circle of chairs”. Many groups, for example, focus on exercise.

On request we can provide advice for other network participants, give a presentation, and provide current specialist information and contacts in the area of our work.