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Friends Of Street Kids And Orphans Foundation (FOSKOF)

P.O.BOX 32389

Contact person: Keving Mwanje

+256 701 381 365; +256 783 527 753


  • Aid organization
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Friends of Street Kids and Orphans Foundation (FOSKOF) is a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can raise a child and create a better future for them.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to provide street children with the opportunity to move off the streets and reach their potential in life. Throughout this process we want to share the love of Jesus Christ with these children.

Friends of Street Kids and Orphans Foundation wants to provide a place where every street child who comes into our care feels that their human rights are met, feel empowered to change the way they are living, to see change in lives of children and to build a Childs future.

Mission Statement
To see the local community, organizations, NGOs, church and local leaders work together so that street children no longer have to be on the streets. At Friends of Street Kids and Orphans Foundation, we take seriously the responsibility to safe guard the welfare of children and young people entrusted to its care.

What we do
• Provide Medical Care to Street Children: Friends of Street Kids And Orphans Foundation provide free, lifesaving medical services at a clinic on the grounds of Makerere. Highly qualified physicians & support staff provide children registered with urgent care, antibiotics and vaccines.
• Promoting Talents: People have different talents; each and everyone has his/her strengths. Discovering these strengths and making the most of them deserves appreciation and support.
• Our Art Craft Products: The proceeds from our products will directly benefit the programs and initiatives of Street Children. We make promotion of different gifts and talents one of our objectives.

Our programs:
• Foster Home: Our foster home is a safe and secure place where we bring in children off from the streets and orphans who have no parents or shelter. The foster home is there to enable children's rights, enrollment in school, healthy and resettlement programs. If a child cannot be resettled home with their family we then move them into the foster home. We continue to work with the child's family and encourage all children to go home in the holidays. We hope that through this the family relationship will become stronger so that one day the child will be able to be reconnected with his family permanently. Children receive in the fostor home food, accommodation, Ccothes, medical treatments, house retreats like fun days out with the children, enrolment into school, bible studies, full time care takers.
• Advocacy for Children's rights: Child advocacy refers to a range of individuals, professionals and advocacy organizations who speak out on the best interests of children. An individual or organization engaging in advocacy typically seeks to protect children's rights which may be abridged or abused in a number of areas. We are looking forward to working with everyone whose aim is to protect children. We do work closely with other non-profit organizations that have the same goals and interests of children safe. Child advocacy workshops have been organized by our organization to ensure that parents, the community and children get more information about rights for children country wide. This has been successful and progress has been seen in some parts of Kampala down in slums where parents fight for the rights of children.
• Street Outreach: We provide a program for the street children 3x a week, we call this the 'Streetreach'. Around 100 children gather for the Streetreach. They get food, water, medical attention, footballpractice, jewelery crafting lessons, biblestudies and most importantly... a lot of love and attention!
• Child Sponsorship: Sponsoring of a child; Sponsoring of Education; Sponsoring of Sports Talents

Keving Mwanjeis the Executive Director of Friends Of Street Kids And Orphans Foundation (FOSKOF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.