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Aktion Selbstbesteuerung e.V.

Friede durch gerechte Entwicklungspolitik

Jägerhalde 87
70327 Stuttgart

Portavoz: Caroline Aicher (Briefpost), Beate Schmucker (Telefon), Reinhard Beeker (E.Mail)

+49 (0)5854-9697196

Áreas temáticas

  • Ayuda para países en vías de desarrollo
  • Derechos humanos
  • Ayudantes voluntarios serán bienvenidos.

Sobre nosotros

Self Taxation has been in existence since 1969. Our aim is to stand up for the victims of the present-day international economic order. We want the people in poor countries to be able to lead a life of human dignity, in freedom, sovereignty and with economically acceptable living conditions.
Self Taxation is a nationwide group for development policies. We pay a voluntary “development tax” of 2 to 3% of our income for development work. At our general meetings, which take place twice a year, we come to democratic decisions on which precise projects we wish to support. These are divided into “domestic projects”, which serve to raise awareness at home, and “overseas projects”, which support small self-help groups in disadvantaged countries.

We provide information for the general public by taking part in events such as Church Days or regional activities. We use games to impart new understanding of the situation in dependent countries. Street theatre or cabaret acts have also proved their worth.

Examples of overseas projects:
• securing the rights of American Indians over their cultivated plants.
• a campaign against chronic kidney disease in El Salvador.
• brochures explaining to the local people the plans for the mining of uranium in Tanzania.
• Oikos Solidaridad building project in Nicaragua
• support for the Mapuche indian women in Chile, in the conservation of natural materials for dying wool
• Concert tour in Senegal opposing genital mutilation
• creating self-help groups for Nicaraguan women who were abused in childhood
• a community centre for Dalit women in Tamil Nadu, India.
• Help in war regions: "Rotating pig" in Congo.
• Legal aid for the female workers in the “world market factories” (Maquilas) in El Salvador; aid for returning refugees in El Salvador
• Aid in the prevention of environmental pollution through gold mining in Peru

Examples of domestic projects:
• National Congress of “National Coordination of Internationalism” (BUKO)
• Campaign against pharmaceutical studies in India
• Translation into German of a video film on the problems of the REDD contract.
• tour for two sugar cane workers from Nicaragua, who have been poisoned by pesticides.
• children's theatre group from the south, as ambassadors for children and young people.
• a video film about opposition to the WTO consequences in India
• Initiative against the use of German pesticides on coffee plantations.
• a caravan for human rights for refugees in Germany

Beate Schmucker is the president and Reinhard Beeker and Caroline Aicher are on the committee of Self Taxation.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.