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UVIWE Child & Youth Services

PO Box 34760, Newton Park 6055; c/o Nicholas Road, Schauderville, Port Elizabeth, 6020
Schauderville, Port Elizabeth, 6020
South Africa

Contact person: Trudie Beneder

+27 41 453 0441; +27 84 500 2243


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

UVIWE - directly translated from isiXhosa means - “you are heard”.
UVIWE Child & Youth Services (formerly known as PE Childline) is a registered child protection organisation in the vibrant city of Port Elizabeth. The organisation is registered with the NPO Directorate; registration number 003-620 NPO. We partner with local communities in the Northern Areas, to implement integrated education and social support programmes. Our programmes focus on vulnerable children & youth from Schauderville and Gelvandale, as we concentrate on the depth rather than breadth of our impact.

The aim of all our programmes are to provide children during different development phases with love, food (nutrition), safety (protection) and stimulation (education support) to reach their full potential. Our programmes equip children and youth with the necessary skills for life’s journey and enable them to be economically active citizens.

What we do
• Education Support (ECD & After School)
• Keeping Children Safe (Protective Behaviours)
• Building Resilient Families (Positive Parenting)
• Strengthening Community Based Child Protection Systems
• Economic Development (Youth Skills Programme)

• Early Childhood Development Centres (ECD): Our programme focuses on holistic development of the child to ensure a strong foundation for future learning (basic literacy, numeracy & social skills); on School readiness - Grade R (preparing for school) and on Circle of courage (Belonging, Mastery, Independence, Generosity). Nutrition, Early Stimulation, Health Support, Social Services Support and Caregiver/Parent Support are included at UVIWE’s ECD Centres.
• Afterschool Boys and Girls Club: The afterschool program stimulates learners’ social, physical, and intellectual abilities through participation in activities with their school peers. The safety and security of children during the afterschool hours is a secondary purpose of the program,
• SIYA PHAMBILI Youth Empowerment: Promote personal growth in participants through creating self-awareness and self-love; Effective goal setting and decision making towards making more informed (positive ) life choices; Promoting resilience in youth through ABCD approaches of identifying community resources they can access; Promoting the development of job readiness through developing a personal portfolio with each participant (goals, CV, interview skills, work ethic); Proving opportunities to practice job readiness skills with peer support and feedback
• UVIWE’s School Awareness Programme is a structured life skills programme to promote children’s rights, to promote awareness around child abuse and to equip children with knowledge and skills to identify and report abuse and other rights violations.
• Psycho - Social Support Services: Services include individual counseling, family counseling, and therapeutic group work. Therapeutic groups focus on dealing with anger, grief and trauma.
• Holiday Club: It is a programme filled with a variety of exciting activities. The purpose of Holiday Club is to provide a safe supportive environment for children to spend their holidays – as opposed to roaming the streets or at home with limited supervision; Promoting and reinforcing appropriate social skills and relationship building; Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through participation in sport and other physical education activities; Theme based life skills lessons; Teambuilding through games; Protective behaviours and Physical education-
• Positive Parenting Programme: UVIWE runs parenting workshops (4 morning sessions) to equip parents with practical tools in dealing with the challenges of parenthood. We celebrate small achievements and confront real issues affecting our children, such as drugs, gangs, school drop outs.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.