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Central Pathfinders Environmental Foundation (CPEF)

Trinidad and Tobago

Contact person: Richard

+1 868 620-233 ; +1 868 731-2988


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About us

Central Pathfinders Environmental Foundation, also known as CPEF, is a non-governmental organisation based in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It was founded in 2014 by a group of individuals who were interested in environmental conservation, agriculture, and sustainability. Since its inception, CPEF has participated in numerous projects geared towards the promotion of ecological conservation through sustainable environmental and agricultural awareness and development, education, and charity.
We aim to develop and execute group projects promoting environmental and agricultural awareness, conservation, and sustainable development primarily within our central communities and by large positively impacting the wider population.

Our Mission:
Building the capacity of young adults to promote ecological conservation through sustainable environmental and agricultural awareness and development.

Our Objectives:
• To promote ecological conservation through; Raising awareness of environmental issues targeting the general populace by providing engaging content through the use of traditional & modern tools used to disseminate information as well as, establishing projects, particularly in the central region, that is associated with promoting environmental & agricultural sustainability and social responsibility.
• To lend our voice to addressing environmental issues within the Central region of Trinidad & Tobago.
• To improve the standard of living of local communities through education and the promotion of sustainable development and sound environmental practices.
• To establish a medium for young professionals (aspiring and accomplished) to work collectively in dealing with issues pertaining to environmental awareness and management.
• To develop the memberships’ capacity by providing linkages and avenues for developing the necessary tools/skills sets needed to conduct activities that may arise when and when addressing environmental matters.
• To promote an environment that fosters the growth of professionalism and social responsibility amongst the membership.

• Eco-Info Garden (EIG) Project: CPEF's EIG Project is the first of its kind and currently being conducted at the Warrenville Presbyterian Primary School via a grant from the UNDP GEF SGP. Students are engaged in video workshops featuring information on Environmental and Agricultural themes, art competitions and participating in the construction of a garden area on the school compound to improve aesthetics and promote outdoor learning.
• “Tis the season of giving” annual food drive to support a Children's Home located in Central Trinidad.
• CPEF performs team bonding activities such as hikes and build capacities through training sessions.
• CPEF often participates in activities held by other organizations such as workshops and annual beach clean ups.
• Developed a series of short educational films on the sustainable use of wetlands, managing waste etc.

We were awarded a grant by the United Nations; Small grant program and used it to design and develop a compost tumbler for the urban environment which is now available for sale. The name of the compost tumbler is the Captain Turner, and it is light weight and easy to use. It is simple enough to be operated by a child, and yet is remarkably durable

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.