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Aawaaj - Breaking the silence

EPC4259 Kathmandu

Portavoz: Irada Gautam

+977-1-4811001; 9851062124

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Sobre nosotros

Aawaaj is a non-governmental and non-profit social organization established in 1999 by the joint initiatives of professionals with strong hope to demonstrate capacity against violence and sexual abuse, exploitation and neglect towards of children and women in Midwestern region, Nepal. "Aawaaj" is the Nepali word for Voice.

Our mission is to eradicate all sorts of sexual, domestic and conflict based violence through the process of empowerment.

Aawaaj has been developing specific activities. For Instance;
• Awareness rising programs on Child Sex Abuse, domestic violence, Discrimination and exploitation, Child rights and Women rights; Advocacy and Campaigns.
• Community care and support system within the community, including children, youths, parents, teachers, professionals, that protects women and children from abuse and aids the recovery and the reintegration of the women and children in their own community without being stigmatized.
• Facilitate an environment of coordination and cooperation among Community members, all existing local groups and organizations, Government, NGOs, to deal with the issue and to mainstream the issue at Local, District level and National levels;
• Community support groups (including men, women and children) are created to raise awareness on sexual abuse and violence, to increase reporting and provide emotional support to women / girls.

Programs & services
Since the beginning Aawaaj is working in partnership with BICE International and collaboration with different organizations in National and local level. Some programs are:
• Breaking the silence on sexual abuse and exploitation through social mobilization
• Establish community support mechanism (CSM) against gender based violence of children and women
• Vocational training and employment opportunities for young women
• Education support to poorest of the poor children especially for girls
• Campaign against gender based violence, child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking
• Child protection- interim care; fostering; social integration of children
• Counselling, care and support ( psychosocial, legal, medical, and economic support)
• Social integration to women/children that faced violence
• Temporary crisis support center for women and children that faced violence
• Community and family mediation for the minor degree of violence
• Child friendly spaces (CFS); Child saving group programme
• Child help line free phone number (1098) and outreach service for children
• Lobbying and advocacy
• Research and study
• Women access to justice

Irada Gautam is the Founder / President of Aawaaj - Breaking the silence.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.