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Christian Life Pre and Primary School

P.O.BOX 72, Kisoro, Kabale-Kisoro Road
51002 Kisoro

Contact person: Gabiro Benedict

+256775751696; +256 782 107677


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Christian Life Pre and Primary School is a charitable group that is committed to provision of basic literacy as a stepping stone for development of vulnerable children.
We provide the assistance free of charge, as we long to see holistic development of these children. When they grow up, they will be useful citizens both in their communities and the world at large. We are located in the remote setting of Kisoro District, South-Western Uganda.

Christian Life Pre and Primary School was established in order to bring vulnerable children and orphans back to school, following one Chinese proverb: “Give me a fish, I will eat for a day; Teach me how to fish, I will eat for a lifetime”. Despite this development, we have been unable to construct strong, permanent classrooms. The school operates in makeshift structures walled with papyri and timber offcuts. We are seeking to improve on the present state of buildings to create a more effective teaching and learning process.

The organization provides an array of services including education, school meals and clothing for children and youth. Christian Life Pre and Primary School is an educational institution located in the remote setting of Kisoro district, South-Western Uganda. The school provides an education program and assistance with school meals, clothing and skills to vulnerable children and orphans. Without Christian Life’s support, these children would not attend school and would have to resort to fishing in the nearby Lake Mutanda. Their parents are unable to provide scholastic materials such as clothing, packed meals, books, and other essential items. Christian Life provides all these services, enabling students to learn.

Christian Life Pre and Primary School started when community members could not afford to send children to school due to lack of money for tuition and other scholastic materials. Even though the Government put in place the Free Education program, Universal Primary Education, there are still a lot of requirements to be met by the parents. These include feeding the children, providing uniforms and other forms of clothing, scholastic materials, charges for stationery, and payment to porters. Parents who are usually unemployed and impoverished cannot meet these requirements, leading children to drop out.
To address this problem, Christian Life created a school, beginning with 134 nursery school learners. The school has now grown to include a total of 315 students two who attend two different sections:
● Nursery section: (Baby class, middle class, top class)
● Primary section: (Form one through seven)
We have also acquired tools for teaching skills to both learners and other youths in the community, to ensure that those who drop out of school are equipped with life skills

We offer an inclusive type of education to vulnerable children. These children would otherwise be fishing in the lake to get meager amounts of fish, for a living. Yet without an education, this fish would not serve them much, following a Chinese proverb: Give me a fish, I will eat for a day; Teach me hoe to fish, I will eat for my lifetime. We therefore change the mindset of these children from shallow mindedness to a vision for a bright future.

What we do:
• At Christian Life Pre and Primary School, we educate, feed, provide raiment and skills to vulnerable children.
• We care for these children in a setting that is more like a family, thus making every child feel at home, giving glory and praise to God for His loving kindness.
• Children get breakfast and lunchtime meals at school.
• We obtain feeding for these children from the harvests we get from the school garden, and also buying food from the shops.

Gabiro Benedict is the Director of Christian Life Pre and Primary School.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.