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Collective Aid


Contact person: Myriam Correa

+381 0612025418


  • Aid organization
  • Human rights
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Collective Aid was established in early 2017. Originally under the name BelgrAid, it was founded in response to the changing needs of refugees and migrants in Serbia.
Collective Aid is an independent organisation, catering for the needs of refugees and other displaced people across Europe through our projects in France, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our Mission
The refugee crisis might not often make the news anymore, but that does not mean the hardship is over.
Collective Aid is in this for the long run; we will stay here until there is no more need for us.
Our passion is to bring dignity and care to refugees and other displaced people across Europe.

Our work
Collective Aid currently works in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and France facilitating showers, clothes & washing services, providing food, safe water, and essential material aid. These services have provided thousands of people seeking safety in Europe with countless amounts of vital material aid and hygiene solutions.

• Calais, Dunkirk, France - Supporting displaced people sleeping rough: We distribute thousands of non-food items every month. clothing, tents, sleeping bags, and shoes, all to people who urgently need them.
• Subotica, Serbia - Providing a comprehensive mobile intervention: We support the population in and around Subotica with clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, hygiene items, showers, laundry, food, and drinking water. We facilitate mobile showers near locations where people are sleeping rough.
• Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Distributing essential aid: We are currently distributing essential aid like underwear, socks, hygiene packs, clothing, sleeping bags and shoes to people who are sleeping rough around Sarajevo. We collaborate closely with other organizations on the ground on identification and referral of potential cases for basic legal aid and medical interventions. In July 2021 we took over a Glasses Project from another organization. Collective Aid now works together in partnership with a local optician to help people on the move get fitting glasses for themselves. We are part of the Border Violence Monitoring Network which consists of many organizations working mainly in the Balkans and Greece who monitor human rights violations at the external borders of the European Union. Our volunteers are identifying people with injuries or mentioning violence and offer them to report those for advocacy purposes.
• Belgrade, Serbia - WASH Centre: We are providing hot showers and a free laundry service to people on the move in Belgrade six days a week.
• Monitoring & Evalution: Across our 4 projects, we routinely monitor our services, allowing us to actualise our programmes to best serve those we support.

Myriam Correa is the Director of Collective Aid.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.