Netzkraft Movement

Kamerun Kultur Verein (KKV e.V.)

Galenstr. 7
13597 Berlin

Contact person: Marie Antoinette Joelle Oldorff

+49 (0) 3035305855; +49 (030) 35303855


  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Educational policy/project
  • Aid for developing countries

About us

The Kamerun Kultur Verein - KKV - was founded by a group of Cameroonian women living in Germany. The story begins with the children, who didn't speak a single word of German and had many problems. We started learning German with our children.
And we told each other that our children should get to know their cultural identity and then we would let them know why we were living abroad.. In December 2012 we decided to register our association.

The sole purpose of the association is to promote the integration process of members of foreign cultures living in Germany as well as to promote the acceptance of these cultures by the local population. We seek to advance with the German population as well as with the other nations living here and to get along with each other as a peaceful neighbourhood.
In this context, any problems of the work of migrants and their family members with regard to the local society and the countries of origin are to be collected and proposed solutions are to be worked out.

Activities in Berlin:
• Promotion of youth work in the neighbourhood
• School work circles and courses for young people and women in cooperation with local educational institutions (e.g. language and computer courses)
• Activities (lectures, seminars and courses), especially for young people, in the area of non-partisan political education, and to sharpen the judgement of young people and the willingness to tolerate. We wish to promote an attitude towards the basic values of free democracy and to practice the essence of the democratic rules of games.
• Organization and implementation of gatherings for children, young people and older people from different cultures in order to promote understanding for each other of each generation.
• Collection and provision of work materials in the areas of upbringing, education and culture.

Projects in Cameroon
• Urgent help for pygmy children in the forests of eastern and southern Cameroon
• Support for young people in Cameroon with manual training
• Reconstruction in flooded regions
• Support for the renovation of a primary school in Tchangue, South Cameroon
• Mosquito nets for Cameroon in the fight against malaria

Marie Antoinette Joelle Oldorff is the managing director of Kamerun Kultur Verein - KKV e.V.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.