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Island Kids Philippines (IKP Schweiz)

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Contact person: Veronika Wanzenried


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
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About us

The Philippine Island Kids Int'l. Foundation, Inc. (PIKIFI) has been supporting children in street situations, children who collect recyclable materials and their families in Mindanao/Philippines since 2007 out of charity and conviction. As a state-approved aid organization, we offer food, shelter and security to children who are abused, neglected and affected by extreme poverty. By giving them a school education, we give them the chance of a better and independent future.
The aid organization is financially supported by the Swiss association Island Kids Philippines (IKP) and its German sister association Island Kids Philippines Germany (IKPD). All board members work on a voluntary basis, donations go directly and in full to those in need of support.

• Alice Rose Clover Child Development Center: After its completion, the social-therapeutic prevention and intervention center will offer therapy rooms for the more than 80 children of our children's village, over 1000 supported children and young people from several poor areas of the city as well as other victims of sexual and/or physical violence and extreme neglect. Many of the children urgently need psychological and social therapy support to process their trauma and to live as normal a life as possible after rehabilitation. In addition to looking after the children and young people already supported by the PIKIFI, the center should also serve as a contact point for other victims.
• Zions Children's Village: In our children's village "Zion Children's Village" up to 85 children and young people receive protection and care. They were all affected by extreme poverty and severely neglected or even rejected. Many of them have been victims of sexual abuse. We are aware that we cannot replace a family. For this reason, our primary goal is the successful reintegration of the children and young people into their extended family - if they still exist and reintegration is in the best interest of the child. To achieve this goal, we work closely with the families of the children and young people. In the children's village, the children attend school every day at our day school, the Zion Community Learning Center. From the seventh grade they attend classes at a public high school. In their free time, they can take part in experiential educational activities.
• Zion Community Learning Center: In our day school, the Zion Community Learning Center, around 450 students receive schooling, meals and, if necessary, medical care. They are taught in the grades kindergarten through sixth grade.
• Landfill Community Learning Center: Island Kids Philippines' Landfill Community Learning Center is located in the heart of the waste collectors' slum at the Cagayan de Oro Municipal Landfill. It has been offering various educational programs since June 1, 2009: day care center, special class for children with learning disabilities (Special Education SpEd), ALS classes (Alternative Learning System, alternative classes for young adults who have left school early) and a class for Teenage mothers who can bring their children here. Adults of all ages have the opportunity to participate in informational and educational events, community development programs and hands-on training courses. It also houses our own sewing workshop.
• Human trafficking - Help for victims of sexual abuse and exploitation: As a partner in Save the Children Philippines' Safer Kids program, PIKIFI takes preventive action to counteract this increasing form of sexual exploitation of children on the internet. In addition, victims of this form of exploitation are also admitted to our children's village and accompanied and supported during the criminal proceedings or court processes.
• The mothers of the victims who are economically dependent on the perpetrator and their children find temporary accommodation and help in the women's shelter.
• Medical Service: Our health service supports, accompanies and cares for people affected by poverty in case of illness, during hospital stays, in follow-up care and in palliative care.
• Street Outreach: The Street Outreach Team regularly visits children in street situations in various trouble spots in the city, conducts talks and experiential educational activities with them, actively listens to them and offers them professional help.
• Emergency relief and post-disaster reconstruction: PIKIFI actively responds to such events, both through emergency relief actions such as the distribution of relief supplies and through rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.