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Hopeline Germany - Hilfe für Menschen in Uganda e.V.

Nordstraße 112
53111 Bonn

Contact person: Jens Hirschfeld

+49 228 974 799 17


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Our purely voluntary, non-profit, non-denominational, politically independent and 100% donation-based association Hopeline Germany - Help for People in Uganda seeks to change the living environments of people in Uganda in the long term. This gives them the chance of a liveable and self-determined future.
Our partner is the Hopeline Organization Uganda (HLO). This is a non-governmental organization bringing practical hope to the people in Buikwe District in central Uganda by initiating and supporting life-changing projects. HLO focuses particularly on the needs of women and children.
We always work in close cooperation and on an equal footing with the project participants. We would like to provide help for self-help. Our project participants are enabled to help themselves or to organize help themselves.

The purpose of the association is the initiation of new, and the promotion of existing, educational measures in Uganda, the sustainable improvement of medical care for the population and measures to help disadvantaged women and youth groups to help themselves.

• Forwarding of monetary and material donations to the partner organization Hopeline Uganda, which is registered in Uganda.
• Financial and physical support for building and maintaining educational institutions.
• Medical care through regular health checks of the population, procurement of medicines, emergency medical care, medical education.
• Support for disadvantaged groups of women and their children through the granting of microcredits, the provision of seeds for the operation of traditional agriculture, financial and practical help with the buildings needed on site, as well as training and further education measures.

• Education: With our support, a school has been built for the Kkoba region in the central Ugandan hinterland. This enables up to 1,000 children from the region, which suffers from poverty and hunger, free access to education, some of them for the first time. In further steps we would like to guarantee a regular school schedule, sufficient teaching materials and motivated and trained teachers. One way to help is to take on educational sponsorships.
• Women's Empowerment Program - help for self-help: We support them in the areas of agriculture, handicrafts, education and medical care. The women are also part of a program based on microcredits.
• Medical health care: Hopeline Germany supports a medical centre where the rural population can be tested for HIV and malaria free of charge and where medical checks can be completed.
• Charity event - Kick it for Uganda: Since 2015, the charity tournament "Kick it for Uganda" has been successfully changing the way people live in Uganda. Among other things, the tournament has made it possible to build a sports field in Uganda. A sporting event has emerged in which family members, friends and many other voluntary supporters work for a good cause.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Girls get skills
Volunteer unterrichtet Women Empowerment Gruppe
Projektbesuch beim Partner in Uganda
Danke an alle, die uns unterstützen
Begegnungen am Straßenrand
Das Lachen eines Kindes ist das Licht eines Hauses (ugandisches Sprichwort)
Jens Hirschfeld (Hopeline Germany) & Tony Wanyoike (Hopeline Organisation Uganda)
Women Empowerment
Hilfe für Groß und Klein