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Sudhar Centre

House No.85 Block D Street No.10; Main Road Warispura,
38090 Barketpura Faisalabad 38090

Contact person: Angelo John Gill

+92 3073789276


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  • Social policy/disabled persons
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The Project is based on the training of disable women's of district faisalabad in which they will learn how to earn on internet and how to become a freelancer so they can easily work at home and feed their families by this they will no more load on their families because after starting earning they can easily live in the society and they will never bow their heads down and will not lay their hands infront of any one. after getting training from SUDHAR they will become a member of sudhar and then they will get a job from sudhar in which they have to teach the other disble women for which they will get salary, like they can earn from a Job and Internet as a freelancer and trainer. The mission of Sudhar is to convert the disble women and adolescent girls into able women and adloscent girls of the society.

2: Covid20 Lockdown Food Resources Distribution (C20LDFR) among Disable Women of District Faisalabad.

About us

Sudhar Centre is a non-profit making, volunteer and non-governmental organization based in Faisalabad. Sudhar Centre was made by seven persons who work for the empowerment and development of disable women and physically disable women of Pakistan. Sudhar is working for disable women and adolescent girls since 2000 with the collaboration of AIM an NGO of Pakistan for disable health programme. In 2009 SUDHAR got registered with the Government of Pakistan and till now are working with the same community with innovative project launched for the development of disable women.

To convert the disable women and adolescent girls into able women and adolescent girls of the society.

Aims and objectives.
• To setup dispensary for the service of disable women.
• To provide opportunities to improve physical and mental health through series of health programs and events.
• To improve the quality of life of disabled women in general in order to make them an effective and honorable citizen of the community.
• To help handicap disable women.
• To enable disabled women to play their vital role in building up on egalitarian society and promoted culture of peace, tolerance and acceptance.
• To start skill development centre for disabled women in the poor community.
• To motivate and enable disabled person to participate in the process of sustainable development in order to improve their livelihood.
• To do all such acts and deeds which are necessary for the welfare of disabled persons.

• Covid20 Lockdown Food Resources Distribution (C20LDFR) among Disable Women of District Faisalabad.
• House Renovation Program (HRP) of Physically Disabled Persons of District Faisalabad
• Inaugurating Disabled, Physical Therapy Centre (DPTC) in 2 areas of District Faisalabad
• FreeLancing Training Programme for disable women's (FLTPDW)

Angelo John Gill is the Executive Secretary and Physiotherapist of Sudhar Centre.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.