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Disability Sign World (DSW)

Kigongi road, Kabale Municipality
37210 Kampala

Personne de contact: Sarah Atwebembere


Les Thèmes

  • Communauté, projet communal
  • Politique + projet d'éducation
  • Droits de l'Homme
  • Possibilité passer la nuit.
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DSW is a vibrant organization based in Kabale District, Uganda, East Africa working with Persons With Disabilities to see how best we can cause positive change in their lives.
We have quite a big number over 100 families however, we do out patient care to some few families due to limited resources to facilitate those weekly visits.

we love to work or pattern with everyone who has the same passion or willing to extend any form of support weather physical, financial or social support to uplift the lives of PWDs in our communities.

Qui sommes-nous

Disability Sign World (DSW) is a registered indigenous NGO in Uganda whose aim is to promote the human rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs), increase on social economic integration, empower and support PWDs in income generating activities (IGAs) to live independent lives in their societies.
It was established and registered in 2019 as a non- profit organization working with PWDs in Uganda to enhance inclusion.
DSW works with people with all forms of disabilities in Uganda, We partner with ALL organizations, Human Rights institutions, government and the local communities.
We also work hand in hand to break down barriers that deny disabled people their basic rights.

To dignify all persons with disabilities.

Transferring lives of persons with disabilities into a better world.

The Objectives of DSW
• To reduce on social exclusion of PWDs to achieve integration in the main stream development programs.
• To advocate for the full rights of PWDs in a unified voice of improved livelihoods.
• To lobby for provision of educational opportunities and facilities for PWDs and to encourage them to attend school, further studies, vocational training, refresher courses, seminars and other educative opportunities.
• To strengthen partnership with other stakeholders in development for purposes of information sharing, leverage of resources and network.

What we do
• Stand out & speak for the Rights of PWDs
• Fighting marginalization to bridge the gap between the PWDs and the society from being excluded.
• Lobbying and Advocacy on the human rights of PWDs to be implemented in the development programs
• Promoting quality inclusive education through provision of scholastic material and scholarships
• Sports for PWDs to raise their self-esteem, pride, confidence and identification of talents.
• Strengthening partnership with other stake holders to uplift the lives of PWDs.
• Women Empowerment and livelihood, this calls for joint support and effort from different stakeholders to uplift the PWDs from their poverty levels and include them in economic development programs.

Sarah Atwebembere is the Executive Director of Disability Sign World (DSW).

We need financial support to change the living conditions of Children with Disabilities. This support can be in form of beddings, clothes and other hygienic equipment like soap, Vaseline, sanitary pads for girls among others.
Persons With Disabilities become more vulnerable in their communities because of their living conditions. They are prone to very many diseases because their hygiene is so poor and attracts diseases so fast than their counter parts,

Family visits for PWDs
It’s never easy for Girls with Disabilities to access sanitary pads in their Menstrual periods. Most times they have no money to buy pads. How I wish Government & other responsible bodies can make it possible for such special people and other disadvantaged girls who a facing hard times in periods.
its alot of committment and sacrifice to reach out to PWDs. most of them live in hard to reach areas.
our animal project is doing well... we train and support families of PWDs to engage themselves in IGAs to live independent lives.
Junior never lacks company ever since we gave him a wheelchair, other children like pushig him around home. its a good feeling though.
its never easy to raise Children with Disabilities. They go throuh alot and need alot of care and support
Junior never lacks company ever since we gave him a wheelchair, other children like pushig him around home. its a good feeling though.