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Disability Sign World (DSW)

Kigongi road, plot 61, Kabale district
37210 Kampala

Contact person: Sarah Atwebembere



  • Educational policy/project
  • Human rights
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.


During my University internship in 2014 at Kyanamira sub-county Kabale district in families of children with disabilities ,
I came to realize the situation, challenges Mothers of these children pass through and how these families are being marginalized in the communities where they live.

Mothers of these children are mostly affected by the pressure of responsibilities they offer to children, Stigma and marginalization.
Because of the above, mothers suffer the child's misery, the cause of the disability as their "personal guilt". They lose themselves and often live only in the role of "child provider".

I came up with an idea to register an NGO in Kabale District to Create a stable and condusive environment for both Children With Disabilities and their mothers who are the most affected.

Mothers take up the first and fundamental responsibility for their children and often can’t get rid of it because there is often no one who is willing to take on (everyday) responsibilitie

About us

Disability Sign World (DSW) is a registered indigenous NGO in Uganda whose aim is to promote the human rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs), increase on social economic integration, empower and support PWDs in income generating activities (IGAs) to live independent lives in their societies.
It was established and registered in 2019 as a non- profit organization working with PWDs alongside vulnerable and street children in Uganda to enhance inclusion.
DSW works with people with all forms of disabilities in Uganda, We partner with ALL organizations, Human Rights institutions, government and the local communities.
We also work hand in hand to break down barriers that deny disabled people their basic rights.

To dignify all persons with disabilities.

Transferring lives of persons with disabilities into a better world.

The Objectives of DSW
• To reduce on social exclusion of PWDs to achieve integration in the main stream development programs.
• To advocate for the full rights of PWDs in a unified voice of improved livelihoods.
• To lobby for provision of educational opportunities and facilities for PWDs and to encourage them to attend school, further studies, vocational training, refresher courses, seminars and other educative opportunities.
• To strengthen partnership with other stakeholders in development for purposes of information sharing, leverage of resources and network.

What we do
• Stand out & speak for the Rights of PWDs
• Fighting marginalization to bridge the gap between the PWDs and the society from being excluded.
• Lobbying and Advocacy on the human rights of PWDs to be implemented in the development programs
• Promoting quality inclusive education through provision of scholastic material and scholarships
• Sports for PWDs to raise their self-esteem, pride, confidence and identification of talents.
• Strengthening partnership with other stake holders to uplift the lives of PWDs.
• Women Empowerment and livelihood, this calls for joint support and effort from different stakeholders to uplift the PWDs from their poverty levels and include them in economic development programs.

Sarah Atwebembere is the Executive Director of Disability Sign World (DSW).

PWDs live under poor and unhygienic conditions.... this boy called Junior never puts on a trouser because he cannot control himself from making clothes dirty. Living him undress is their best option.
Charity works
Family visits for PWDs
Kikungiri Rehabilitation home in Kabale where over 70 PWDs live in the behind structure . The structure is leaking and needs renovation.
Sharing a word and restoring hope to PWDs is therapy
Bernard 36 years a double orphan.. her sister is the one taking care of him. He sleeps in the house alone in the neighborhood of his step-mother. His biggest challenge is a wheelchair chair and beddings since he sleeps on a mat. He needs our support to live a better life.
Meet the young children, share with them and listen to their challenges
Home visits , some of the parents have low esteem in the communities where they live because they are looked at as being cursed because they have got children with disabilities.
Born normal, later got an accident while going to school and since then his lower parts of the body got serious damage up to date. The wheelchair he was given is under bad condition. He stays with the grand mother who finds difficulties in his mobility movements.
Interacting with the Deaf children at Ntinda school for the Deaf
Sharing with some community members on the human rights of PWDs
Support education of PWDs by provision of scholastic materials
Three children (Doreen, Joseph & Keneth) all with different disabilities. Their Mother go through tough situation to manage the 3 at home. Visiting her and talking to her bringing more hope regardless of how the community perceive it.
Looking at Alex you may think he can see, he got blind in 2016 and dropped out of school. His parents cannot support him to attend school for the Deaf. Alex loves to be at school...combined efforts!! We need to support him go back to school and acquire quality inclusive education
Mugegwa can’t talk, move or support himself to eat. His disability developed afew months after birth when he suffered from Celebral Malaria and was put on oxygen for 1 month. He is 6 years old.
We managed to get Alex a white cane with the support of Miss Anne Counselor of Disability in Kabale , with the LC1 Chaiman and the community members
Followup on the performance of these children at school