Netzkraft Movement


Johannesstraße 35
70176 Stuttgart

Contact person: Serkan Eren, Sivany

+49 (0)176 24909496


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

STELP is a civil aid organization from Stuttgart that provides on-site support with a network of volunteers, partners and sponsors where the need is greatest. We stand up for a world in which everyone can live self-determinedly in dignity and security and shape their future sustainably on their own.

We want to be a platform for all those who are happy and have the means to work on social and societal issues. We want to make a contribution to peaceful and fair coexistence worldwide. We alleviate acute need through quick access to food, sanitation products and medical care. Our long-term goal is to sustainably improve the lives of people in need through educational projects.

Current projects
• Education project in Phnom Penh/Cambodia: In order to enable more children to attend school and learn English, Helen, together with STELP and the local NGO "CENTRAL Cambodia", launched the "Better Chance" project, which is currently helping 15 families with the financing of classes and supporting children. We have reserves for emergencies.
• Micro Financing and Social Entrepreneurship in Otuke/Uganda: Together with the Stuttgart Stay Foundation, STELP has been financially supporting a project in Uganda since the end of 2020, in which smallholders are trained to become "eco-preneurs". They are trained in beekeeping by the social business Golden Bees, supplied with modern beehives and given technical support. Golden Bees buys the honey and wax from the beekeepers, processes it and sells it in Uganda, Kenya and probably soon in Europe.
• Medical care in Erez Crossing/Gaza: The Gaza Health Centre is located near the Erez Crossing on a ten-hectare site in the middle of the no-entry zone between Israel and Gaza. It consists of a large number of medical specialist facilities housed in large, air-conditioned tents: it offers general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, dental clinics, oncology, ophthalmology and much more. STELP supports the project in the search for suitable volunteers as well as financially to secure the position a coordinator who will look after and guide the volunteers. In addition, we finance medicines and various medical devices.
• Meals and medical care in Bihac/Bosnia
• Education, food and living space in Kathmandu/Nepal: Since June 2020, STELP has been supporting the Esslinger association Surya Kiran by financing the operation of their children's home in Kathmandu/Nepal. 18 disadvantaged and needy girls have found a new home there. They lived in and on the rubbish heaps and were threatened with child labour, early marriage and being sold to brothels in India. Under the protection of the children's home and their loving carers, they can now grow up in a safe environment and receive schooling and professional training. A loving home with good care, time to play and space to learn should give them a hopeful future.
• Soup kitchens in Yemen and in Chios/Greece

Serkan Eren is Executive Chairman and founder of STELP.

On request, we can provide advice for other network participants, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date specialist information and contacts in the field of our work.