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Pro Ugandan Children (PUC) - Schenk Leben e. V.

Deezbüller Str. 11
25920 Risum-Lindholm

Contact person: Christine Montag

+49 170 4466920


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

In December 2016, the non-profit organization Pro Ugandan Children (PUC) - Schenk Leben e. V. was founded with the aim of promoting projects in the education and health sector and development aid in Uganda.

Our goals
In education: Support for the Trans Nursery And Primary School Iganga community
• School fees, school meals, school supplies
• Sponsorships, teacher support
• Structural measures, especially in the sanitary area (skilled workers wanted)
In the medical field: Support for the St. Joseph Community Orthopedic Health Center Iganga
• Medical aids, wheelchairs, walking aids, prostheses, bandages
• Medical-technical materials and devices (donations in kind welcome)

In collaboration with ProUganda Prostheses for a New Life e.V., the donated orthopedic and medical aid items could be delivered to St. Joseph's Community Health Center. Together with "ennoni - Bildungsprojekte in Uganda e.V" we are planning and projecting the next steps in support of the Community Trans Nursery and Primary School Iganga in Iganga.

Support of the community Trans Nursery and Primary School Iganga:
• We can now offer all children porridge for € 1.00 / month and child.
• daily posho and beans costs € 5.00 per child and month - depending on the donation situation, this is our next goal
• The school can use the funds released from the school fees for reinvestment. The expansion of the sanitary facilities is planned; School furniture, new boards, teaching materials; Construction of fences around the school premises to increase the safety of the children and construction of a teacher's house
• From now on we will pay every teacher a 10% surcharge on their salary. Better pay ensures good teachers for the school. This increases the quality of education and more children are able to graduate from school or qualify for secondary school.
Support of the St. Joseph Community Orthopedic Health Center Iganga
• It is our goal to help with materials for the construction of prostheses, medical aids such as crutches, walkers or wheelchairs as well as consumables such as bandages, plaster, etc.
• The St. Joseph Orthopedic Health Center also offers free health services, especially for the children of the community. Income from the range of orthopedic services should help to put the center economically on its own feet so that it can operate independently of foreign support in the future.
Support of TOKA animal care:
• TOKA animal care is a young veterinary association of veterinarians and community animal health workers. Together they would like to contribute to the supply of the numerous farm animals and pets in the region around Bulanga, located between Iganga and Jinja, and thus contribute to maintaining animal health as an essential prerequisite for securing the farmers' source of income.
• Wherever animals mean life, we support the work of TOKA animal care to protect the herds and thus help to ensure the nutrition of the families, especially the children. The animal health service, which is partly free of charge, also includes vaccinating the community's dogs against rabies.
• In order to ensure stable living conditions in the long term, we support the education of farmers and their families about various infections, to improve animal husbandry and animal health. In this way, we also minimize the risk of diseases and epidemics that can be dangerous to humans.

Christine Montag is the 1st chairwoman of Pro Ugandan Children (PUC) - Schenk Leben e. V..

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.