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Interlocuteur: Dr. Carsten Dierks

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The board of Pro Uganda is on site again. After a longer "travel abstinence" due to the pandemic, we are able to visit the new programme leader Dieter Scharwatt and his team in Uganda again in October 21. However, the purpose of the trip is also to discuss possibilities for a broad-based training program and to talk to the local partners and public grants.

Der Vorstand von Pro Uganda ist wieder vor Ort. Nach einer längeren pandemiebedingten "Reise-Abstinenz" können wir im Oktober 21 den neuen Werkstatt-Leiter Dieter Scharwatt und das Team in Uganda wieder besuchen. Zweck der Reise ist es aber auch, Möglichkeiten der öffentlichen Förderung für ein breit angelegtes Ausbildungsprogramm zu erörtern und mit den Partner vor Ort zu sprechen.

Qui sommes-nous

On 5 th February 2013, the founders of the association registered Pro Uganda as a new non-profit association, located in Usingen/Hessen. Based on an initial phase of observation and analysis and after many discussions and visits on site, the small association was legalized and committed itself to orthopedic technical assistance for the people in Uganda.
Pro Uganda - Prothesen für ein neues Leben e.V. - is thus a German non-profit association with an overriding goal to give as many amputees in this country as possible a new quality of life through a prosthesis. Today, the team consists of trained orthopedic mechanics and volunteers. Friends, several partners and financial supporters are committing themselves to promote and support the work.
Many people affected by amputation cannot afford a prosthesis due to existing poverty. The consequence is the considerable loss of quality of life, social exclusion and often also the inability to work in an already very weak labor market.
After planning and building a production and repair-building, a building for the patients and other facilities as well, the staff is now able to provide prosthetic treatment for many children and adults.

* Orthopedic workshop: Bringing orthopedic technology to Uganda on a local basis
* Long-term orthopedic technology supply: Manufacturing of individual prostheses on site
* Cooperation with other associations/aid organizations: Establishment of a large partner network
* Training and further education of specialists: teaching the orthopedic technology to local people, establish certifications for professionals
* Offer training courses and placements: Short practical experiences for apprentices or technicians from Europe.

* Play the ball! Amputee Football Day: The Pro Uganda Workshop Team donated new jerseys to a amputee soccer team from Kampala - and then challenged them for a soccer match.
* Outreach - Wheelchairs for a new life: Pro Uganda's outreach team visited two rural villages in order to provide wheelchairs made for people with various physical paralyses. With these utilities, the can better participate in their daily life and society.
* Valuable cooperation - Workshop "Lite" was successful: At the end of August 2020, a Pro Uganda Workshop took place in the Hugenottenkirche in Usingen. Despite “Covid-restrictions”, some cooperation partners presented their visions, plans and projects.
* Corona Lockdown: Since May 28th the prosthetic factory is open again. It was closed for nine weeks due to the national Corona Lockdown in Uganda.
* Completion of the patient building, a training & staff building
* Acquisition of a four-wheel drive bus
* Establishment of a cooperation for sustainable education and training programs in Uganda

Since Pro Uganda is still in the process of establishing itself and has only been helping in Uganda for 5 years, it is not yet possible to extend the project work to other developing countries where there is comparable need. In the near future, however, a network is to be created and will contribute to the goal, that adapted or similar support can also be brought to people in neighboring african countries.

Dr. Carsten Dierks is the 2nd chairman of Pro Uganda - Prothesen für neues Leben e.V..

Upon request, we can offer for net participants some advice on our special emphasis – i.e. by a speech, a discussion or a presentation. Furthermore, we can provide contacts from experts or special content/knowledge.

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