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E O S - Erlebnispädagogik e.V.

Villa Mez, Wildbachweg 11
79117 Freiburg

Portavoz: Michael Birnthaler

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Áreas temáticas

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Sobre nosotros

EOS was founded at the beginning of 2002 and recognised as a non-profit organisation in the same year.

EOS seeks to build up a nucleus of a new “culture of experience” and thus to create a counterbalance within a society where one-sided intellectualism and materialism have led to serious crises. To make a cultural advance by creating such a necessary counterbalance, we have to search among the numerous flourishing initiatives to find one that already has the rudiments of a “culture of the heart”.

Against this background, over the last few years EOS has developed and tried out an innovative educational concept. Under the name “Experiential Education”, an attempt has been made to draw together the most well established alternative education movements and to combine experiential education with Waldorf education, creating synergies. The experiential educational method developed by EOS is committed to making a start towards counteracting one-sided, performance oriented, intellectualistic teaching methods.

Society + Institute + Association = EOS
• Thus EOS is much more than just a “bourgeois society”, a provider of “adventure education” or a “summer camp organisation”, Rather it is a part of a movement which is preparing for basic cultural and educational change.
• The ground-breaking concept which we offer has been developed by making use of the fundamental research carried out in the Experiential Education Institute, where teaching, research and publicity work take place. Book series, magazine articles, talks, public seminars and offers of advice are provided by the EOS Institute.
• In 2005, the co-partnership “Management by Spirit” was created, to deal with enquiries from companies. Team training sessions and management training for anyone – from small societies to directors of international concerns – are carried out under this scheme.
• EOS International: the anthroposophical idea of “social threefolding” is also echoed in the founding of the EOS Association. Since 2008, representatives from Germany and other countries have been acting in partnership. Way over 100 official partners have joined as members, adding to the present 14 representatives in the two centres in Freiburg and Dresden. These partners have completed their training at EOS, and work professionally using the experiential education concepts.

What we offer:
• Holiday camps: most of these will in future be held at our own school camp centre.
• Class trips: we provide: a break for teachers, recreation for pupils, team spirit for classes.
• Experiential education: full-time and part-time courses, weekend courses.

Michael Birnthaler is the president of E O S – Experiential Education.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.