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Africa Hope Fund (AHF)

Supporting Conservation through Education in Africa

2255 Watt Ave Ste 300
Ca 95825 Sacramento
Estados Unidos

Portavoz: Carol Van Bruggen

+1-916 487-8700 EXT 3; +1-916 769-3643

Áreas temáticas

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  • Proyecto de medio ambiente
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Sobre nosotros

The Africa Hope Fund (AHF), founded in 2000, is a registered non profit in the United States, dedicated to supporting conservation through education in southern Africa. We believe that education is a critical requirement for African children. Without education, the people of southern Africa will struggle to protect the vast resources the land provides.

The mission of the Africa Hope Fund is to promote conservation through education by supporting schools, teachers and organizations assisting in the education of young Africans.

Our goal is to help the people of Africa live healthy and productive lives and educate them on the value of preserving their communities valuable resources”

Our activities:
• Building schools
• Sponsoring a child or student
• Protecting wildlife

• Uyoba School: We support the Community Uyoba School by building one more classroom and office and financing other needed things.
• The Elephant Orphanage: The Elephant Orphanage is a project of the David Shepherd Foundation and houses over 13 baby elephants in Kafue National Park and for the very young ones, in Lusaka. The babies have been orphaned by poachers who have killed their mothers. AHF donates money to the Elephant Orphanage.
• Project Luangwa: This Project is an organization set up by the lodges of the Luangwa Park area to manage assistance to the many schools and children supported by the staff members of all the lodges. AHF works closely with Project Luangwa with the Uyoba School and provides funds to the organization to support their many good works.
• Chipembele Projects: Africa Hope Fund is happy to announce the opening of the new Student Center across the road from Mfuwe Secondary School. Anna Tolan, director of Chipembele Wildlife Education Center, asked Africa Hope Fund for the funds to build a Student Education Center across the road from Mfuwe Secondary School in order to have a place for the Conservation club to meet after school and a place to allow students to learn to use computers and the internet.
• South Luangwa Conservation Society: SLCS 40 scouts remove hundreds of wire snares every month and remove them from animals unfortunate enough to run into them. We provide funds to run the anti snaring operation, solar flashlights, binoculars, GPS units and other needed supplies.

Carol Van Bruggen is the CEO of the Africa Hope Fund (AHF).

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