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PURE India Trust

106, Asola, Chhatarpur Road,
Delhi – 110074

Contact person: Prashant Pal

(+91) 9212102580


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Women's policy
  • Volunteers are welcome.


We are looking for sponsors to support our following programs:

1. Women Entrepreneurship Development for creating livelihood for poor families
2. Education Center for strengthening the foundation of education
3. Providing Career Guiding and mentoring in Govt Schools

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About us

PURE India Trust is a not-for-profit charitable organization started by ex-corporate professionals in March 2013, with a mission to provide quality education & employment opportunities to under-served communities of rural & urban slums.

Our vision is to create an environment which will inspire youth to become an entrepreneur or get skills to be employed

• Help 2000+ youth to become entrepreneurs or get employed by 2022
• Provide career guidance to 100,000 students from Govt Schools by 2022

PURE India Trust is growing rapidly and we are looking for win-win partnerships with like-minded Corporates, NGOs and individuals and embarked social development activities collaboratively.

Our key focus areas are:
• Education for everyone (Pathashala): We started the Pathashala program for the children of 1-8th grade. We run such Education centers in various villages with the help a local women (minimum 12th Pass). The women mobilize children and provide daily tuition classes, Digital awareness, Talent encouragement in Sports, Cultural, Art, Music, Yoga etc. We also provide uniform, School Bag, Hygiene kit, Shoes, Stationeries, Sports kit etc to our students in different villages. For the Pathashala centers, we pay a Rs. 50/- per student per month to the women teacher so that she earn livelihood from these classes.
• Women empowerment (My Village My Business): The project is designed to make women financially independent because most women are dependent on their father, Husband, Brother, son etc for their financial requirements. Under this program, we encourage women to start their own businesses in their own communities. For the same, we provide up to Rs. 15000/- seed funding, mentoring, networking, market linkages, organize business promotional activities, and other handholding support to make every woman a successful entrepreneur and change leader in her community.
• Skill development (Kaushal-Kiran): At PURE India Skill Centers, we have been providing following skill trainings at our three centers in Delhi, Noida & Jaipur based on the requirements of local industries and we are also providing employment opportunities at our own centers. Tailoring Skill; Beauty wellness; Computer / Data Entry Operator; BPO / Call center executive; Handicrafts making
• Career guidance and mentoring (Marg Darshak): In India, Career planning is not considered as important as it should be. Most students make career choices based on the most picked-up career options like Engineering, Doctor, Police, Teacher etc. Hence 1 in 3 students are unhappy with the course that they picked up. To solve this issue we have designed a Career guidance & mentoring program focusing on charts of 100 most popular career options. We create awareness about various Career options among students, Teachers & Parents and follow below steps. 1. Paste Charts of 100 careers on school wall 2. Conduct Career Seminars in Schools 3. Students are provided 100 Career Options’ book 4.1-to-1 Career Guidance provided by Volunteers 5. Career Helpline for domain based mentoring and 6. Scholarships for higher education
• Scholarships: Almost 60% of students get dropped out of school after 10th classes and one of the root cause is their families are not able to afford their higher education expenses. To solve this problem we provide Scholarships for higher studies and for regular skill development courses to marginalized talented students who pass 10th class. Under this program we also provide Career Guidance & mentoring to the Students so that they can get into a career which they really like. The yearly scholarship amount can go upto Rs.25000/- per students per year.
• Adopt a school: Mostly govt schools are neglected by local communities and govt officials because the children attending these schools come from low socio-economic backgrounds. Hence we decided to adopt Govt schools to strengthen infrastructure and education facilities in Govt schools so that we can increase student enrolment & retention rate, incorporate good teaching and learning techniques and also encourage all families to send their children in govt schools for better education. Few activities are: Student Career Guidance, Computer Learning, English learning Labs, Sports facilities, School building Coloring & Repair, Roof Water proofing & civil work, Toilet repair & maintenance, Sanitary napkin disposal Incinerators installation, provide Uniform, School Bags, Furniture, Elmira, Ceiling Fan etc based on need.

Prashant Pal is the Co-Founder & CEO of PURE India Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Women Entrepreneurship Development : Savita started her Beauty Parlor
Women Skill & Entrepreneurship Workshops
Scholarships for Youth for Higher Education & Skill Trainings
Career Guidance Workshops
National Bravery Award for our Student
Talent Encouragement
Women Entrepreneurship Development : Reena started her General Store
Women Entrepreneurship Development : Reena started her General Store